The Anker Community: Past & Future

WoooHooo, they didn’t forget about us!!!


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The Anker community app. It loaded faster today but it’s been slow to load. Tap on it and then takes a bit to load. What about merchandise? More shirts, stickers ect


I see there’s a nag to install it but I think it’s just a shortcut to the webpage with a different skin. The website gets slow at times. but so does Soundcore community too at times.

Welcome @mason.sergent I haven’t been around much for the last year or so but loved this community and it’s members so much for a few years. It would be really great if you and the awesome gang in here can make it my happy place again :slight_smile:

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Maybe he means this app :thinking:

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This one. I think it might be based of something Google.

It was quite some time ago the app was released and removed? @ikari04warrior
I cant find it on Playstore or Galaxy store, and the link here doesnt work.

Can you share a link here mate?

There is the “app” which is just a skin to the browser, a shortcut basically.

The true app is withdrawn, this is all currently available.


It seems to still work. Wonder if there is plans in the future for an update to this app or different version.

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I tend avoid apps as they tend to nag me to buy/do something, e.g. I watch BBC not via their app as I can do PiP, I dont use Twitter app as has adds, use Firefox with adblock. Apps also tend to increase CPU load

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Only a few apps I use on my old Samsung tablet.
Kindle and the app of my health insurance to upload my bills.
Btw “moonreader” is great, but I dont use often.

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Great news about Anker community.
Wellcome @mason.sergent

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I like the app because I don’t have to login every time

I am using Chrome and Firefox on multiple devices, and I only have to login if I logout. So login is rarely.

Even after a restart say after computer updates

I have only to login often at soundcore’s forum.
Here at this forum it seems I a not forgotten and welcome! :rofl:

No the only times the browser makes me login is if I logoff. It is global logoff meaning if I logoff on one device I have to logon on every device.

The you were logged off has a bug where it has a refresh button if you press that it just loops so just refresh at the browser level.

If you are having to login each time I wonder if you didn’t select the “keep me logged in” tick box. Or you have a high level of security where no cookies saved (e.g. incognito browser).

YAY, this place does live on another day.

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Things to do more of:

  • partnership not a pure seller/buyer with a social media spin.
  • share roadmaps, discuss future products. Have the first place we hear to be here not Reddit or some other place.
  • bidirectional discussion of future products, e.g. asked for product priorities. “Ask me anything”.
  • Support! As it stands the community here is 100% answering all support queries. The soundcore community is a little better the average response time is days to weeks, unlike here where it’s never. Certainly would like it to be nearer to hours to a day, accepted that it will be less attention at weekends and certain hours of day. A publicly stated fix/workaround or admission of a known fault helps a search find it so email to support reduce.
  • fun competitions based on talent. So photos, stories, ideas, etc.

Things to avoid:

  • competitions which invite spamming where a lucky random winner, as they do is make folks only turn up to invest the least effort to then disappear til next event.
  • censorship, as if some part of Anker is leaking then that’s the problem to fix, stopping discussion here just moves it to some other place it gets discussion anyway and you’re not involved correcting bad information.
  • points based prizes. By all means keep a points system which can be used to get a discount voucher but only those who put in a sustained effort get anywhere.

Now you see the challenge - all the things I ask to do takes time by Anker, more time than the things I ask less of. E.g. a talent based competition requires review and decision while random selection takes less effort. But you then get out what you put in.


Welcome @mason.sergent I’m so happy to hear the news about the community! I have missed contests, reviews and the witty banter :joy: Look forward to the new roll out!