The Anker Community: Past & Future

Welcome to this great community @mason.sergent :dizzy:

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Great post. Made me chuckle :smiley:

Welcome ALL back

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Woo! Love this new plan, proud to be a part of it! Welcome @Mason.Sergent!

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Awesome to see the community come back to life! I had lost hope :sweat_smile: Welcome, @mason.sergent!

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Glad to see the community getting some support and welcome to the community fold.

There is a thread on here that folks would like to have a gallery section so that they take photo and post them on the site as needed. This was something that Soundcore community had for a while but due to certain issues they changed that into a weekly competition.

Another point is community did a celebration of each year anniversary of the site. It did not happen last year and always seemed to be a site favorite but could always be tweaked a little

I just think the lack of interaction, presentation of things that is going on with new products and such is well missed. We are all techie folks and do like to hear about the new products.

I believe with everybody not getting to use bucks on powerdraw over the year and so, we have a lot of bucks floating around. One of the things that was done ever so often was a site auctions. So instead of entering a blind powerdraw for a prize, the auction let each bid for the prize in an open thread.


Same with me.



What a miracle! :laughing:

Hallo Mason @mason.sergent

Greetings from München (Munich) Bavaria.

As you see we are still here, may be only a few, but we are the true family


It’s good to see you guys :+1:

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This is awesome! Thanks for letting me know what you enjoy in the Anker Community :handshake:

Sometimes the off topic threads are the best ones… may need to re-spark the ‘Beer Club Thread’ :joy:

I’ve been with Anker for a couple of months now, but I’ve worked with them in a partnership capacity for almost two years.

Right now, I’m working on revamping some of our content strategy while also redesigning and restructuring the entire community… and let’s just say I’m excited :eyes:


Thanks for the warm welcome! I see you’ve already done a full background check on me :joy:

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Woah!! All the way from Germany :muscle: Berlin is one of my favorite cities!

Like you said, you guys are the true Anker fam and will be a necessary foundation to get the community where we want it to be :raised_hands:


Great to hear you history with the group @mason.sergent
And were all looking forward to the community revival :+1:t2:

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If you think this was unexpected wait til you see what we’ve got coming :wink:

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Hey Isaac! These are definitely initiatives we’re excited to bring back to life :tada:

Out of curiosity, which app are you referencing? Just the site in general?

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Ayooo thank you! Excited to be here :raised_hands:

I think you’re almost as excited as we are :wink:

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Wow!! Thanks for the awesome feedback :raised_hands:

We are taking everything you all have to say about what you’d like to see more of and working to implement it in the new community however we can, so this is super useful.

Keep an eye out for more updates and let us know if you have any more thoughts :pray:

So cool seeing everyone in the comments again! Can’t wait to get this project up and running for real :zap:

Thanks Spencer! Glad to have you here :muscle:

Being early to the party is gonna be awesome, we promise :eyes:

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Thanks Daisy! So excited to be here :innocent:

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