Test Your Balance to Win a Nebula Astro | Reveal and Giveaway


Hey, Nebula fans,

Are you ready to blast off with Nebula’s all-new Astro portable projector?

That’s right! We’ve got a new projector coming soon, and to celebrate we’re launching a giveaway. And this one’s a little different to our usual affair.

But first, let us tell you a little more about Astro.

With its portable apple-sized design, Astro can transform any location, from your bedroom to your backyard and beyond, into your own personal movie theater thanks to its ultra-portable size. It’s packed full of kid-friendly tech, making it the ideal entertainment buddy for your kids, and the family as a whole.

Now you may have noticed Astro’s unique design, especially compared to our other projectors. The inspiration behind it comes from the form and shape of an astronaut’s helmet, tying in with the space theme that is at the core of Nebula. It’s the personal expression of humanity pushing the boundaries, a characteristic we aim to capture with every one of our projectors.

Anyways, it’s time for the giveaway!

We’re challenging you to snap a photo of yourself balancing a round object (like a ball) on your head. We also want you push yourself by striking a challenging pose.

Once you’ve captured your gravity-defying pose, all you need to do to win is head on over to the event page, upload your photo, and get as many of your friends as possible to like it.

The top 5 pictures with the most likes will each win a Nebula Astro.

We can’t wait to see what poses you strike, so head on over and upload your photo right now!

Good Luck


Such a fun challenge! Great idea @AnkerOfficial

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:laughing::loudspeaker::loudspeaker: Looking forward to #TeamAnkerCommunity


Fun challenging contest and a good way to get folks involved…but please for the love of all people stop doing these competitions where users have to get people to like their post, users have cheated in the past and they will continue to do so just to win something.



Truer words were never spoken :+1:


Really cute idea but I have a feeling that people who just show up for giveaways might win


Lurkers assemble!!


Nice new competition … excited for the new release Nebula Astro :slight_smile:

Will give it a shot soon!

For the Nebula Astro Pre-order – Good price range of $299.99, almost comparable to Nebula Capsule for the specs… and half the size of capsule … looks like packed with lot of options around kids!

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The last competition like this, we had a whole "new created family"under the winners.
I don’t really mind that.
But there may be others who really dislike!

But lets see how many “siblings” will show up now.
I am one of the last Neanderthaleans. Not such a big pack of siblings! :rofl:


Exactly Rob.

How is your knee?

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Also is this world wide?

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I’m interested to see the gravity defying poses that people come up with


Knee is getting better, I was finally able to put weight and walk on it yesterday. Still a ways to go because I have to take short baby steps otherwise my leg buckles and hurts a lot.

Much better baby steps, than a walker (rollator)!
There is no “tank model” at the market now using tank tracks.:rofl:

Brilliant, have the next T shirt competition covered.

So Anker should order for themselves and wear them so they don’t forget for the next time.

Anker should know who keeps forgetting this lesson, what size are they? Order them 5 so they can put on a clean one each work day?

Sounds like a plan?


Is this an international contest?

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Will try to give it a shot I guess. But I do agree with @Tank that events shouldn’t be strictly based on likes

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Yea wonder what people will do