Terms of Service Reminder

Hi everyone,

We’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the Terms of Service, which you can review below :point_down:


A specific section we would like to highlight is as follows:

“You may not post, comment, discuss, provide, or otherwise disclose any product information (including but not limited to product names, features, designs, photos, graphs, or ideas) that has not been publicly announced by Anker and/or is considered confidential by Anker Innovations Limited.”

Please note that from today any accounts in violation of this rule will be suspended without warning.

Repeated violations may lead to account deletion.


:joy: :rofl:


Thanks @AnkerTechnical

As least we kinda know (as mods and users on here) where we stand with new threads popping up. How would we go about products which have been announced by Anker at overseas conventions / fairs which are fully searchable on Google etc but not announced by the admins here?

Also following on from that, based on low admin interaction recently (here and via PM) how would repeated violations be enforced?


How would we go about products which have been announced by Anker at overseas conventions / fairs which are fully searchable on Google etc but not announced by the admins here?

Good point!


We all enjoy that Anker is bringing innovation in good quality products with good customer service.

When censure is applied then I recommend you direct regarding specific product. I got a PM from you saying which product was an issue. That is actually helpful to know what not to discuss. I’ll not mention that specific product again until I see evidence of Anker announcing.

However as @ndalby says the vagueness will harm this community, as we’d never discuss anything remotely imminent. It is difficult to know when something has been announced by Anker or not.

Censuring an account is not an appropriate tool as an individual can just pop up in another account but with an added chip on their shoulder. Better is to educate a person of the harm they are doing, and be focused on which specific product rather than a vague “don’t discuss anything but kittens” ToS.



You’re lucky you got told what you’d done wrong.

My Soundcore account got suspended, I was not told which posts was the issue. My Anker account was not suspended. So I’m scratching head and think it’s something Soundcore?

So when the suspension is removed, I’m left hesitent to discuss anything.

I think the community should not be restricted to Kittens. I suggest also



I also find it confusing when things appear in the Soundcore app but we are not able to talk about them


I feel instead of mopping the water off the floor, more attention should be paid to filling the holes in the bucket!


Nice analogy (and applies to many companies) :+1:


Perfect Paul! :rofl:

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Oh yes indeed @ndalby 100%

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Been quiet from professor for the past few days, have the admins drawn first blood already?

If so : We should consider a strike of the family!

Let us know Mr. Geek (@professor) how are things about. :smile:


Might be the case, he is currently sidelined on the sister community aka Soundcore from the looks of things

@cs.carlstein is this T-shirt currently available from Anker or have you broken the compliance rules by disclosing the Anker clothing range before they have announced it? :rofl:


Lol. The site I used is there on the label.

I know Anker did to a free t-shirt thing a few years ago to a minimum level members.

I don’t think I broke anything, if I did it’s shear coincidence “great minds think alike”.

Come to community to

  • enter competitions
  • Powerdraw
  • Testing
  • Future products
  • support
  • venting
  • spam
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If sidelined means banned.
That’s not good!
If so I will open a thread and ask.
It doesn’t matter if I get banned too.
I can stand it, as long I got not banned by my real family. :grin:

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Temp suspension according to the profile…if its for the LP3 purchase links, seems a tad heavy as it had already been announced :raised_hands: