Terms of Service Reminder

What should we do, Neil?
I am open for any action plan!
I dont care if I am the next one being kicked off!

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I stand in solidarity Franz :fist:t2:
Although we could view this as an opportunity to walk away and leave this all behind us (after trading email addresses of course)
Although I fear a demonstration of solidarity will fall on deaf ears.
Just as the replies to this post have fallen of deaf ears.

It’s obvious Ankers priority is driving up the members count and favours new visitors who contribute very little to the community.

Also, it was @AnkerTechnical posting this thread, not even @AnkerOfficial - that’s odd in itself.
I would suspect early product leaks are most likely to come from the technical development team, either directly or indirectly from a lack of adhering to company compliance procedures.


You are right Paul.
But to lose such a forum with a lot of knowledgeable members
is not easy for a company.
I dont know what the intention is to slow down activity more and more here.

Is there really no more need @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial to keep our friendship alive.?
An answer from you would be more than polite and helpful for us.
Thank you!

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I got a veiled threat of deactivation due to a ToS violation on the security forum when I posted about something there that was posted here. Showed all evidence of it being elsewhere as well as searchable and never heard from them again.

100% what my guess was as to why he is both quiet and this post even appearing.

If I were to take a guess at it, it was for the FCC posts if anything. It is divulging information (albeit on a public site) about upcoming projects that have not been announced as of yet.

I don’t believe anyone here wishes harm to Anker, but imagine for a mental exercise you were working for an Anker competitor.

The Trademarks are public.

The patents are public

FCC is public.

So seeing any of these in an Anker community is not new information.

However, the information in Reddit is usually far more in-depth. FCC just tells you there’s wireless glasses sometime likely in the next few weeks, not what they look like, specs. Trademark tells you something in the glasses+sound is coming in next months, but nothing of details. If you look at Reddit you usually have photos and specs. So pasting that Reddit info is probably the red line that was crossed. If that guess is correct then just don’t mention Reddit here again.

If I were Anker wanting to nip information leaking, I’d go swim up into Reddit’s sources and nip them.

One of the mods is Josh, aka @Insider, who went dark on here after being the go-to source for all news. I agree, the info on there is well far past what I have seen posted on here since that time.

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He got suspended and gave up, but I won’t speak for him.

I been a little busy the last couple of days.

I will agree with @ndalby in the current state of the Professor on soundcore as well.

I think with different admins, I guess you may have different warning or no warning if you violate the TOS as @Fuu_bar stated with Eufy .

I figure as @Fuu_bar stated the FCC listings was what got @Professor in trouble.

After seeing @Fuu_bar FCC comment I did a search for recent FCC threads and found the following. (gave a time and thread creator)

October - Frames - Professor
Sept 7- Professor
Aug 9 - Professor
July 30- Professor (12 items)
July 14- Professor
June 2- Professor
April 22 - Profesor
Feb 25- Professor

I think these FCC threads are the main TOS issue that will get everyone in trouble. I could be wrong.

I think the gray area in the TOS would be post that said " What do you think will be in the Liberty 4 Pro" Unlike the FCC that gives concrete information on a product, the other is asking an opinion.

But if you could search and find these threads, they cannot be the issue

It’s what you can’t find, as admin deleted, must have been the line crossed. For those we rely on memory and Google cache. The deleted ones were the links to Reddit, they were posted by 3 accounts, one suspended, one warned and I assume the other warned. So probably the naughty no-no is not the FCC information, it is very lightweight more headsup something is coming, but the more in-depth, photos, specs, that Reddit is posting, if that is linked to here, then it is using non-public non-released info.

As Neil and Kaitlyn mentioned, it’s the grey area of products never intended to be announced which simply appear and “what’s this?” - you get a lot of those with small Soundcore buds, speakers,things in stores, or show up in app. When is it never intended to be announced seems ok, when was it accidentally leaked by Anker is grey, and its only intended to be announced but not yet announced, is the line crossed, and so you see how it’s grey.

So long as lines are not gray, then it’s easier to not cross.

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I love Anker, but more and more they are becoming just like every other tech company.
They care more about Influencers as well as the exposure they get from them than anything else. At one point t this community was the go to place for all things Anker, and now they sidestepped all those of use who stood with then from the start and are now alienating us to the point where we can’t even discuss their own products.

Anker needs to do better and not drive their base away and they need to stop alienating those who are still around.


I’m hearing you @Tank
I’ve only been here a couple of years, so still a fresh face in comparison. But I’ve definitely felt since Christmas things have been a bit flat here.
I took a few months off early in the year and getting back into things in the Spring I could really feel the change after a few months away.

I’ve communicated with a few long standing members outside of this community and we all seem to have a similar opinion. If a few long standing members cancelled their accounts, it wouldn’t bother Anker. Headcount seems to be more important to them than long standing members who are happy to be front line support to Anker customers who have technical and pre sales questions.

So the question could be have Anker lost interest in the community or in customer support in general?


Agreed it’s been kind of sad to see this community change the way it has over time. It used to be so active and full of life and I get peoples lives get busy and people come and go that I respect. I come on less when life gets busy as well but still check in but over time conversations have died down and people keep getting banned or suspended and the only activity seems to be a random giveaway that requires Instagram or Facebook and then has thousands of random new people entering. I still love Anker and I still love this community the people on here truly are great! I was hopeful when they had posted for hiring someone for on here that things would come back alive again.


I’ve been here since the very beginning as some of those (@Tank) who are involved in this thread. Sad to see that restrictions are being enforced as they are. I have been participating less and less, seeing how valuable users are being driven away.

However, we all need to remember that this is, after all, Anker’s forum and we are all obliged to follow their rules…even if it means that some users may be driven away.


Not customer support in general in my opinion…I just went through a warranty replacement for a Nano II (45-watt) unit that simply died. I reported the issue to support on Saturday, was responded to on Monday (due to the weekend off for Anker) and had the replacement unit in my hands (shipping the replacement unit directly to me through Amazon) on Thursday. Customer support is definitely still top-notch for direct contact with Anker on issues.


Shame you had a problem @SZak2015 but that’s a super quick resolution :+1:t2:

I would agree their customer service has always been amazing I think it’s just the community being neglected as platforms like Instagram Facebook Twitter and now even tiktok get more love and focus since that’s where they think they can get the most new sales from which makes sense

True and wise words Rob.
Enjoy the weekend.

We can, but we don’t need.
If we don’t want, we can leave, like many others did.
If ANKER wants this, we can and will do.

The last active member has to switch off the light here! :joy: