Soundcore Liberty Air... do they connect to multiple devices simultaneously?

Hi all,

Simple question before buying them… do they have the ability to stay connected to multiple (2) devices simultaneously?

This is a must for me, so I have my laptop and my phone in the office and my current bluetooth earbuds are connected to both devices at the same time, so I can attend my phone calls and also use laptop audio conference software with no need to do multiple disconnections/connections.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @Jose_Luis_Montero_Mu as far as I am aware they can be paired to multiple devices but only connected to a single device at one time…

Perhaps @elmo41683 can confirm as he has tested these SoundBuds?

Yes these can be paired to two devices at once. I too have them paired to my laptop and cellphone

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Yes. This is what I think, but I wanted to be sure. :frowning: These are by far the best earbuds price/quality in my opinion, but this is a must for me…

If you want to change from one device to another, what do you do? is it easy/quick?

no, unfortunately not


Can you explain the method to pair 2 devices simultaneously?
I am not able to do that.

Based on other earbuds in the SoundCore range, if multiple device connections are not supported hopefully @elmo41683 can expand on this, you would need to either need to disconnect on one device so your other ‘paired’ device can auto connect or enter pairing mode before attempting to manually connect to the previous pair record…

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Once I had them paired to my phone, I turned the phones Bluetooth off and out the earbuds back into the case. I went on my laptop into Bluetooth setting and add device… Once it starts looking for device I took the earbuds out the case and then clicked on liberty air on the laptop when it popped up. I then turned my phone’s Bluetooth back on and reconnected to the liberty air from the list of previous connected devices. And voila I am able to watch movies on my laptop and take calls with my phone


But you need to disconnect from laptop and connect to phone each time you want to answer a call while watching a movie, for example… isn’t it?

No because it’s connected to both, if my phone rings I answer with the liberty air. Once the call is over I just hit play in my laptop to continue watching my movie or whatever I’m watching

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This is interesting. What phone are you using?
I am not able to replicate your method with my iPhone SE and Macbook Air

Samsung Galaxy S9+ and my 2013 macbook

Ah that’s why it’s not working for you, the iPhone se
is using an older Bluetooth standard that doesn’t allow multiport connection via Bluetooth. In other words it doesn’t allow two devices to be paired or connected at the same time


Was just about to post similar…BT and/or OS standards

Aha thats what i was thinking. Good to know that.

On a side note I found that someone posted on reddit that they can use the left earbud of air separately and that was true. It unpairs the connection between both earbuds and then left can be used independent of the right one.

Unfortunately after doing this you cannot use it as a pair. To repair (hard reset) follow the instructions posted by anker on youtube

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Yeah I been knew that but I don’t like telling people how to do it because they then get angry when it doesn’t pair together and they have to hard reset it

That’s perfect news! that’s exactly what I need: no need to connect and disconnect to use them with two different devices.

I’ll use them with a windows 10 laptop & Pixel 3. In case bt in my laptop is not compatible with multiple connections, I can upgrade bt as I’m using a usb dongle. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. I’m going to buy them NOW.


So… I bought them this morning, I’ve just received them… and I have to say that they definitely CAN’T connect to more than one device simultaneously… I’ve got an android Google Pixel 3, some other older android devices, an iPhone 6s and a quite new Win10 VAIO laptop… The moment you connect the earbuds to any of them, you can’t connect any of the others…

@elmo41683, I’m quite curious how is it possible you can do it… Let me rephrase what I understood from your:

  • You are connected to your mac, listening to music…
  • Then you receive a call in your Galaxy S9… Can you answer the call from your earbuds? Are you sure? Are you sure you don’t need to do anything in your S9 so you can talk through your earbuds?

For this to be possible, when they are connected to a device, you should be able to see them from other device, and then do the (second) connection… and that’s not the case. My current cheap Hollyhigh earbuds work this way. Even when you connect the second device you can hear a voice saying “second device connected”. BUT… the battery last less than 2 hours and they’re NEW.

I can, and I will return the Anker ones tomorrow, but it’s really a pity, because they sound really great, they’ve got good range, they’re comfortable, and also they’re definitely beautiful… but multiple connection is a must for me.


As a side note, I’ve checked bluetooth versions from both scenarios:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ & Google Pixel 3 have both BT 5.0
  • Sony Vaio Pro 13 & Macbook (Pro and Air) 2013 have both BT 4.0

So BT versions are identical… This shouldn’t make a difference.

Just got these earbuds and found this thread. Has anyone gotten them to connect to multiple devices simultaneously? I had a Plantronics headset previously that I could connect to my laptop and phone simultaneously (as in it would play sound from both devices without me having to do any manual switching of what it was connected to), so I know my phone and laptop are both capable of this. Are these earbuds capable?

no these are not capable to connect to 2 devices