SoundCore Flare Gift Set REFURBISHED Crazy Price

You won’t get a better price than this on a Flare with a full warranty!
In stock from 11th December.


Refurbished items only have a 3 month warranty not a full warranty

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Not on :+1:t2:
I’ve never understood why a refurbished buyer should be treated any worse then someone buying a box fresh item when it comes to warranty.
I think a manufacturer should stand by its refurbishment and quality process with a 12mth warranty.

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Amazon Renewed items are backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee - “Eligible for replacement or refund within 1 year of your receipt if it does not work as expected via a single point of contact at Amazon”

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Im aware retailers can offer 3mth warranties.
I didn’t realise they give 12mth on everything as you say @Thanuj_Fernando

It’s good to see a retailer stand by what they sell.

Sadly it seems that’s only for the UK

Ad in the US their warranty is literally only 3 months as I stated above. My apologies as I did not know it was different for over there than it is here in the states


12 months isn’t exactly a full warranty. The anker warranty is 18 months

Hey @TechMan
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It is on
Ankers warranty on Pre Owned audio is 3 months as @Tank remarks. gives 12mth on new and used Flares.

Okay, my point still stands. It’s not a full warranty…

I don’t get where you’re trying to take it @TechMan ?
The warranty you get with the new item is the same as the refurbished item.

I missed that last part of your post.

The anker/soundcore warranty on the flare is 18 months. Not sure why the UK amazon site would reduce that…

Amazon isn’t reducing that.
UK Consumer Rights gives us 6 year warranty on purchases with the seller being responsible for handling those claims, whether they quote 1 or 6 years.

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Pfft. Who cares? It’s a bargain. Ordered!


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