SoundCore Boost no connection to tv?

I wonder if anyone can help here…have upgraded tv to a Samsung UHD and thought I’d give it a go connecting my Anker SoundCore Boost - tv finds and pairs it but when selecting it on the tv, it briefly plays audio sound from tv (for literally a second or less) then you hear the speakers pairing tone. I can connect a cheap Bluetooth speaker no problems but have no idea why the Anker is having trouble.
I also made sure my usual source (my iPhone) wasn’t connected in case that made a difference.
Bit confused really. :worried:

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Thank you for your question.

Sorry to know you are unable to pair the Boost speaker with your TV. From your description, we assume the speaker will work with your iPhone? If yes, the Bluetooth function of the speaker should be fine. It might be the incompatibility issue. May I trouble you to let us know the model of your TV? We would like to pass this information to our team to further investigate it.

Thank you again for your information and patience.


Hi thanks for your reply.
Sure, the model is 40MU6470 - I believe it’s a 2017 model too.
Yes it’s fine with my iPhone - no problems there.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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If you are unable to figure it out consider getting a auxiliary Bluetooth transmitter for your TV

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Yeah I did look into those for the tv we had previously without Bluetooth but I read bad reviews on many saying they were useless.
Not sure if these would fix the issue with the new tv but I think we will probably look into a sound bar perhaps - I’ll keep my Anker for my own music! Cheers :wink:

Too bad Anker doesn’t make TV sound bars🤔

Would be a nice idea! @AnkerOfficial any plans for sound bars?! :slight_smile:

Haha, good idea, we love to create surprise to our lovely customers if possible!:grin:

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Hi. I have exactly the same problem with a different 2017 Samsung UHD TV running latest firmware upgrade. The TV connects fine to other Bluetooth speakers and the speaker connects fine with other devices and even a couple of slightly older Samsung TVs that we have.

Any ideas or movement with this compatibility issue?

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I would buy a soundbar in a heartbeat, DO IT

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Same issue here with my Samsung TV

I tried it with my Samsung tv too,
With the Soundcore 2 it works, with the boost it comes Sound really short, after this the speaker get kicked out.
my Huawei p10 connect first with the speaker and then again, after the 2nd automatic connection comes first sound…
With my Samsung Galaxy s6edge it connects direktly.


Hi guys.
Same problem here with my 2 2017 32inch Samsung smart tvs the anker soundcore boost connects then brief sound then nothing. How weird. Seems to pair with everything else though I’ve only bought it today. Maybe it’s some bug. It’s weird because my Samsung tvs work with there own brand headphones and also with a older Bluetooth speaker I have.

It might be the incompatibility issue.

Same issue here - Samsung UHD TV UE55JS8500.
Any firmware upgrade?

From what I have researched on this matter Samsung tv do not fully support bluetooth headphones or speakers without the use of an adapter or via soundsync. In other wards it’s an issue with samsung tv’s and not the Anker speaker itself. Similar with other non samsung branded speakers that try to connect to the tv.

It’s not very helpful to just say “it might be the incompatibility issue” That statement raises more questions than it answers. You imply there is a known compatibility issue but do not say with what exactly. If you mean to say there MAY be an incompatibility issue you should replace the word THE with AN. In any case, this issue has been going for months and it’s about time there was a full explanation and a solution. Both my samsung ue49mu6400 and my Samsung ue32k5500 will not keep a Bluetooth connection with the boost for more that a couple of seconds. However, both these televisions connect easily to a cheap supermarket Bluetooth sound bar. So it’s not the television’s problem. Additionally, it sometimes takes a couple of goes to get the boost to connect to my Amazon dot. Do have to send my boost back as defective?

Hi @prgallon,

Do you try to contact to help you?

Gentlemen, I have the same problem with my Samsung, UN49KS8000 I get about 3 seconds worth of sound and then the soundcore boost switches back to pairing mode.

me too, I have the same problem with my Samsung, Ue-48ks8500I get about 3 seconds worth of sound and then the soundcore boost switches back to pairing mode.
does not have a solution?