Soundcore Boost Auxiliary Input Problem

Hi all - I recently purchased the Soundcore Boost speaker and while I’ve been very happy with how it sounds, I’ve found that if you’re using an Aux input, I have to unplug it and plug it back in every morning when I dock my laptop. I don’t have a Bluetooth device paired with it so it just wants to look for a device to pair with. I’ve tried pairing it a device but then it always defaults to Bluetooth instead of Aux.

Note that I prefer to use Aux over Bluetooth as it sounds much cleaner.

Any advice would be appreciated!


I believe this is by design, as Bluetooth is the primary connection method at power on. The speaker by default will also go into power save mode after 10 minutes of disconnected Bluetooth and after 30 minutes of no audio on aux.

You could drop an email to for official confirmation…


So if you want to use this speaker primarily as a non-Bluetooth one, you can’t do it easily? That seems like the wrong design. I had a Logitech UE Boom for years and when Aux was detected, it was smart enough to never power down and also to play music that way without having to unplug a cable every time you turn it on.

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@ndalby Thank you so much for your response. @Dave_Hannan1 Yes, it is by design. The speaker will auto power off in 30 minutes if no audio signal input, even the aux cable plugged in. It is the power save mode. Once the speaker powered off, we need to turn it on again manually. We understand it may be inconvenient if we need the speaker ready all the time. We will also forward your feedback to see if we can improve it in the future. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via Thanks

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Any news regarding future implementation of this feature ?


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It seems like a failure instead of a feature. I’ve already had a Mi bluetooth speaker and it works perfectly fine after I left my laptop then came back for some music. Decided to buy an Anker for a better sound like people said but now facing to this annoying “feature”. So really bad T.T

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I also have the same issue. it is quite annoying. maybe there can be a firmware update? I use this as a speaker for my surface book 2 + 40 inch 4k tv setup with audio coming from the surface dock to the soundcore boost 2. I have the exact same problem. When I power up my system it goes straight to Bluetooth and I have to unplug and replug in the aux. really annoying. I have 2 of these units and it drives me nuts as the other one is also used in a similar fashion. it is a shame as the sound is great, better than tv speakers.

my other gripe, the annoying boot up and shutdown sound. how do I permanently stop that from happening. drives me nuts.

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Anyone have any luck with this? Have had this speaker 2 years without any issues. I had it all setup to play from my projector. I switched out the aux cord for a new one and now it won’t play off the aux. It just stays in pairing mode. I tried connecting to my phone and then plugging aux in to see if it would switch and nothing. Very frustrating and the only answers coming up in Google are very obvious and very condescending. So no help at all. Any one cracked this yet??

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