Soundcore Boost auto turn off from aux

Hello, I’ve just bought a Soundcore Boost and I like the sound of it.
I use it as a speaker for my pc and I only have a little problem.
At first I connected it with a Bluetooth pen but when it received no audio input for a while it automatically turn off itself from time to time, I read that is a normal behavior so I decided to connect via aux,
I bought an external USB audio board --a Creative Sound Blaster Play!3-- but the problem stay still.
The power button is white and I have connected to a wall charger for keeping in charge.
How can I avoid it to turn off for inactivity?

Hi @carlomail3 and welcome to the community forums. In regards to your question, the auto power off on Bluetooth and AUX connections is by design. Confirmed by @AnkerOfficial on this thread;

ah ok thank you, unfortunately I think there is no way to disable the auto shutdown then

could you recommend me a speaker that fits my need ?