Share YOUR YouTube Channel(s)!



Actually you did know as you have replied to him in the past, but it’s ok we are al humans and make mistakes


Yes, exactly. More of a “I forgot” than me never knowing. I would never intentionally take someone’s name. I was really just naming myself after my blog :man_shrugging:


Check out my channel! I’m starting a series on webCoRE ( a automation smartapp for samsung smartthings).


I just subscribed thanks for sharing


I just subscribed :+1:


It’s not a YouTube channel, but I would really appreciate it if y’all would subscribe to my blog.



thank you!


Hey guys, I’m Brandon and I have around 400 subscribers currently, I am still trying to grow my YouTube channel any help would be greatly appreciated by subscribing.

My YouTube channel name is GeniusFinds and subscribe to my channel here:

If you subscribe I have no problem helping you out and subscribing to yours too. Also please let me know of any ideas or things you would like to see. I love to encourage open communication so please email me if you have questions or ideas for future videos at


Yay! I’m your 400th sub! Would you mind subscribing to my blog?

Can’t wait for some more of your videos! I’m glad to support any of the anker community crew!


Just subscribed can’t wait to see what great content you have. Best of luck man!


Just subscribed to everyone on here that I haven’t subscribed to yet. :smiley:

Here’s the YouTube LINK to my channel for anyone interested in subscribing. I’ll be posting a giveaway this week to all subscribers (US shipping only though). Thanks for checking my channel out! I have a few new Anker reviews on the horizons as well.


I watch without subscription “sorry don’t believe in any subscriptions” :slight_smile:


You can also thumb up videos and comment on them to help out a channel without having to subscribe! Any interaction helps the video in the magical “algorithm”

10 Subscribers. Do I win the-least-number-of-subscriber-on-this-thread award? :smiley:


That is fine, don’t worry, hahaha. I changed my channel’s name to TechyEdgy anyways


You have 11 now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, I do :pensive:



Haha! Thanks…


Subscribe :+1:t2:


So many great channels and new content to watch. Thanks guys! :thumbsup: