Share and Win | Soundcore Summer Playlist

Hey Soundcore Fans,

How are you planning on enjoying the long summer days? Maybe you’re going to take Icon to the beach for a party with friends or have a picnic soundtracked by Flare Mini? Perhaps you’re grabbing Spirit X and heading up into the mountains to go hiking… Or like us, you’re stuck in an office listening to music with Liberty Air and daydreaming about what you’d be doing if you weren’t at work!

No matter where you are or who you’re with, you always need a great summer playlist— So we’ve got a challenge for you:

We want you to share your carefully curated summer playlists with us. And if yours is selected as one of the top two playlists, you’ll win a mystery prize! Just post your playlist or Spotify link in the comments below and share the event on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #SoundcoreSummerPlaylist. Check out the rules below for more information, and most importantly, have fun creating your summer 2019 soundtrack!

Press play now!


  1. Share your Soundcore Summer playlist in the comments below and tell us why your playlist is the perfect soundtrack for summer 2019. You can also share it on your Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #SoundcoreSummerPlaylist and mention @SoundcoreAudio.

  2. Your playlist should contain at least 5 songs.

  3. Everyone on the forum who participates will win 100 bucks.

  4. We will pick the top 2 entries based on creativity and number of likes.

  5. We will announce the winners and their surprise prizes on July 26th, 2019.

  6. You can share your song list or create a Spotify playlist and post the link in the comments.

  7. Soundcore reserves the right of final explanation.

Winning Playlists Announced!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who took part, we loved listening to your summer songs! However, we could only choose two winning playlists, so these were the ones that really stood out:

Congratulations @TheCharneco

We loved how your playlist rolled both party and afterparty tunes into a single, kickass summer lineup. The chilled tones of Bastille’s Doom Days and Billie Eilish’s ocean eyes exemplify the chilled, laidback nature of summer, while BOOM by X Ambassadors channels the party atmosphere of those carefree summer nights.

Congratulations @shanesomnia

Your playlist certainly did keep us on our toes! From the sultry tones of Frank Sinatra’s The Best Is Yet To Come to the party beats of Bugzy Malone’s Kilo ft. Aitch, there was a song for every mood and emotion. We loved your reasons and thought your overall lineup was spectacular.

Each of you has won a Soundcore Icon Bluetooth speaker!


There’s no specific list. Everything with Hands-Up, Dance, EDM is wonderful.


Here are my favorite summer songs which accompany with me in the cafe!:coffee:
How about you?:hugs:


Share some thoughts with us!
Why your playlist is the perfect soundtrack for summer 2019?:sunglasses:

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Time to come up with a playlist :slight_smile:


The summer needs a bit of energy and sing a long tunes and nothing beats a bit on indie

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day in a field (Park) with the Stereophonics :ok_hand:t2: as we all celebrate 20 years since their iconic Morfa Stafium gig (July 99) and the release of their 2nd album Performance & Cocktails. :microphone:

Can’t wait :blush:


Show us your music taste!:rofl:

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This is mine

wouldn’t say it is the best summer playlist but it is mine, not everyone is the same though. I like my playlist because there is some upbeat music you can dance to that is great for family gatherings, but also some that is great for while I’m working.
#SoundcoreSummerPlaylist @SoundcoreAudio


I know I will cause some laugh and smile.

But why not classical music?

  1. Franz Schubert ,4 Impromptus, D. 899 Op. 90 (Maria João Pires)
  2. Franz Schubert, 4 Impromptus, D. 935 Op. 142 (Maria João Pires)
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven,. Die Klaviersonaten (Friedrich Gulda)
  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Klavierkonzerte 5-27 (Alfred Brendel)

Oh I nearly forgot.

  1. Getz/Gilberto (Back to Black) Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto (died this month)

Well as I seem to be the odd one out who doesn’t use Spotify here is mine :slight_smile::

Chain smokers: sick boy

Chain smokers everybody hates me

Ncs: k391 - earth

Coldplay - viva la Vida

Ncs: campfire

Ncs: limitless

Tom walker leave a light on

Hall of fame by the script

Super hero by the script

And last one six degrees of separation by the script :blush:

My list could go on and on but that’s just a sample :joy:

I like songs with a edm but in them or some sought of electrified part I feel as i am in the 21st century :+1: I also don’t like rap one exception Stormzy apart from that rap is crap :joy:


I must admit I have never heard of these.
But don’t care Alex, I am a Neanderthaler!


You need to have a listen to some of these please tell me you have listened to some sought of Coldplay song :pray:

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My poor old ears Alex.
You know my daughter and my son urged me sometimes to listen to “their music”.
So I have to admit : I’m really out of the game!

But just give me ONE I should listen to.
But be careful, I was playing organ and drums in the 70! :smiley:


I recommend Coldplay a sky full of stars :star: not on the playlist but so good one to listen to :+1:


I love this contest! Here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to this summer! It’s a mix of some alternative rock and pop (and a little bit of the 90s to remind me of simpler times). :musical_note: :beach_umbrella:



Here’s my playlist for soaking in the sun, working out, and getting work done at the office! Hope you enjoy!!

Check out this playlist on Amazon Music:


Love this idea and can’t wait to check out some of the playlists everyone has created! :smiley: Best of luck to all who enter!


Ok My play list is all over the place. Some new, some old, some country and just silly. Here are a few:

Smash Mouth -All star

Kung Fu Fighting- Carl Douglas (who does not love to fake karate chop as fast as lightning with the song)

Summer time -Will Smith

Take me Home Country Roads- remix version (I am from WV and have to have it)

Kid rock- all summer long

Cruise- Florida Georgia Line

Carrie Underwood- Mama Song (in rememberance of my mama)

Garth Brooks-Friends in Low Places-


Aviicii - The Nights
Ella Eyre - Good Times
Tinie Tempah ft. Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza
Rascall Flats - Life is a Highway
Giggs - The Best
Ram Jam - Black Betty
Big Narstie ft. Moelogo - 5am
2pac - Ambitions as a ridah
410 x skengdo - Behind Barz
Mostack - Behind Barz
Hardy Caprio - Best Life
Skindred - Rat Race
Wiz Khalifa - Captain
J Hus - Closed Doors
J Hus - Did You See
T Mulla ft. Hardy Caprio - DropTop
DJ Yellow Claw - Turn It Up
EO - German
Tyga - Haute
Hardy Caprio - Guten Tag
AD - Juice
Bugzy Malone ft Aitch - Kilos
Damian Marley - Medication
Avelino - Oh My
Mist - Ain’t the same
Mostack - Shine Girl
Avelino ft. WSTRN - So High
Audio Bullys - We Don’t Care
Frank Sinatra - The Best Is Yet To Come
BSIDE 30 - Where They Hiding
Luciano Pavarotti - Libiamo ne lieti Calici
Young T ft. Bugsey & Aitch - Strike Me A Pose

There are many more in my summer playlist but these are some of my most listened so far in 2019…It’s a bit of a mixture but I like that because it keeps you on your toes, it’s like a rollercoaster of emotions and moods…

On hotter days when I’m chilling I have a separate playlist of Frank Sinatra, Three Tenors, Avicii, Ed Sheeran etc, if I’m more stressed it’s Slipknot, Soulfly, HSB, A7X etc and on active days my playlist is full of active Rap, Trap, DnB and Dubstep mixes.

Some people stick to one or two genres but I find by listening to EVERYTHING you discover more artists and learn more about what you really like.

This is my summer playlist because it has something for everyone and keeps me powering through the day, so whether i’m listening on Liberty Lites or Souncore Flare, Satisfaction is guaranteed :ok_hand::ok_hand:


No one likes the same kind of music I do, so I’ll never win :confused:

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