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It’s looking like either no active members were selected, or the email hasn’t even sent out yet…


… and it is Friday… So next updates will be on Monday


Hope lives on!

I did get an email today from Anker but it was only an advertisement. Got my hopes up… lol


Whenever I got an email at my Anker registered email address I would get all excited, and see it’s not from them and be like… “crap, I don’t want an email from you!” :joy::joy:


We have chickens :joy::joy::joy:


It would be upsetting if not many active people were chosen


thanks #kumar.sachin for concerns… I was a little busy and wasnt able to write much here… Nice to know about your comments…


This shouldn’t really be targeted toward Community members. Anker is wanting creators with a large following, which very few active members satisfy (that I’m aware of).


I second it. Anker wants to increase brand awareness and needs creators with large number of followers


Sometimes, people need help to build.

Without Anker helping to shape someone, and take a risk, and gives some who haven’t got huge followings, something to give the followers, which then grows due to the blogger having something to blog/write about.

If you don’t feed the fish, the fish die!


If Anker can make a content creator out of a Community member, I am up for it :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Nice try but… They keep complaining not enough buyers from UK, but if they had someone posting in the UK with shiny gear, it’ll improve the sales :wink:


Good point but I hope those of the community who are active on social media are selected


who are selected?


I doubt they will announce those who are selected due to privacy reasons, jealousy, bickering and what not.


And also, remember everyone… ignorance (sometimes) is bliss…


I didn’t get an email saying I was selected. Why didn’t anker choose me! I’m clearly the best choice! Anker is discriminating against me!


I still imagine i have 2 flares… and my motivation level is reaching the peak :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


When I read the comment, immediate thought of you came :joy:


That can’t be good :confused: