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Ah, I miss those days … Only a little tho.

At 16 I moved from foster parents to a house full of adult drinkers (pissheads) and druggies. So what do I do… Join in of course :wink:

I got into a lot of trouble duri g that 2 years. Since I promised myself to never be drunk or uncontrolled again, and as I quickly apptoach 50 I haven’t been drunk or stoned in 32 years… I still have the occasional drink but these days with the morphine I take for pain, I cannot drink much. Still enjoy a JD n coke, or biddy n coke, or Baily’s n toffee vodka mix… Oooo that’s got a kick :wink:. … To drink I mustn’t take medication.


Medicaments and alcohol are a horrible mix.
Nobody should do that.
Multitoxolic contamination could lead to death.


So @AnkerOfficial

As today is the 29th, have any emails been sent out yet?


We are coming close. I haven’t received the email, so I guess it hasn’t been sent out yet lol


Optimistic approach :ok_hand:, best of luck @TechMan and everyone who applied :thumbsup:


I like the way you think :slight_smile:


Amangons was a prehistory Celtic king, who liked to go round raping n pillaging. He stole the golden cup from a virgin of the well (virgins would give visitors a drink from the well using a golden cup).

Some think this could be the cup Arthur was looking for, as amangons had stolen it, it upset the kingdom, and restoring it, would have brought order again.

It was only later that it became the golden grail.

Also, fyi… The cup of Christ was the 4th cup at a Passover meal, that was saved for celebrating the saviour of the Jews. By Jesus using this cup (in, from this cup I drink etc) he again was using symbolism to show who he was.

… That’s if I remember it rightly, my teaching on Passover is very little being a Christian, rather then Jewish.


I was not aware you had Christian beliefs. What denomination do you follow (not planning to discuss it further, just curious).


Well, I’ve been a regular at a few types, but overal I’d say evangelical… Or as some call it… Happy clappy :wink:

I’m happy to talk about it on PM if interested, to save problems on here. I’m happy to discuss ANYTHING!


Sooo… Anyone get any emails yet? lol


Guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow. :grin:


How do you know they will send out emails soon?


This is how.


Got it, thanks ! scrolled up and down couple times but didn’t catch that. :grin:


I thought magicians aren’t supposed to reveal secrets


Its now technically tomorrow for me… I know the chances are very low that I’ll get picked but it would be nice to know I wasn’t picked so I can move on in life. lol


Today’s the big day! Good luck everyone!


Been watching a little too much of this lately:


Don’t mind if you are not picked.
Sometimes its better not to get “picked, pecked” :joy:


true, very true.