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I was realising the other day, altho I may not “officially” have thousands on my insta, I sort of do.

See I have quite a few large groups following me, so anything I post on insta goes straight to quite a few thousand.

So @AnkerOfficial I hope when choosing people you actually look at the added value in peoples social accounts?


And nothing. No emails I guess?


Nope, still nothing


I guess either @AnkerTechnical was wrong, or the people chosen weren’t active members at all…

I’m hoping for the former


haha we never hear back from the chosen ones :joy:


::no_good: guess we’re just not good enough for them :cry:


I have not heard from them, so I promoted myself to Anker Ambassador :grin: :crown:


We’re too old

They want young blood! :wink:


Searches Amazon for bottles of new blood :wink:


Blood, sweat and tears.
Tears, if there is no winning, whining instead.


Soooo did those emails go out…? lol


Yes, the Anker Ambassador will focus on the social influence, so we are looking for the social media junkie who can make a high quality content. :grin:

We received a tons of application, it definitely need more time to consider it. When we send out the confirmation email, we will let you know.:innocent:


It will be not easy to sort the weed from the chaff.
And there will be many, if not not chosen, asking :
“Why not me? I am the best!”


thanks for the update!


I figured that was the case. Looking forward to hearing back and still keeping my fingers crossed! :smiley:


Who got what? where are the reviews ???


Lol mine will be easily moved to the “why did they even bother applying” pile :joy:

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@louise.han how did you pin this topic?.!.!


At this point, I feel like no one was picked and they are just saying they are still going threw applications so we don’t feel bad about ourselves. lol