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Cool! How did out retrieve the icon from lake?


That’s the magic part :joy:


Hehe, yeah, I knew that much… does it float?


I just paddled over and grabbed it. It floats!


That’s cool. But if you had to scuba dive to retrieve the speaker while fighting a barracuda now that’s entertainment :joy: oh i just notice you are flexing your #ankershirt


Yeah I had on the Anker Shirt all day! I do free dive in lakes when I can. Here’s an underwater video I made of that same lake. It’s not that deep so it’s easy to get down there and swim with the fishes!

I also filmed myself catching a trout once from underwater:


Nice, you can always claim the trout was a barracuda :sweat_smile:


@gAnkster you’re like Jerry rig everything and Bear Grylls rolled into one :joy:




No, all a lie.
The Icon was spit out by a lake whale who didn’t like the coating. :joy:


I agree. The second one is the reversed video


Hahaha I love you guys. I was thinking maybe it was an excalibur type moment, where I was given the power of Bluetooth by divine providence.


I have one of these excaliburs in my basement!


I’m sure that looks like a pooh knife :wink:


Neanderthal tool!


Have a look at my usual old username… Amangons


I googled that word and the only thing that came up was your Facebook page… :joy:


Amangons was a knight of the round table!


It’s only a model…