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Did the Mrs catch you Franz?


I get paid on Thursdays :sunglasses:


Those were the times, when people get their poor payment cash weekly.
In a pay envelope which was carried to the pub first.


I remember getting a small brown paper “bag” with WAGES written across the front… You can still buy those bags.

There was something special about getting that pay packet. Now it’s all electronic, and electronically check balance, it’s not the same.

The expression… Hard earned cash, was so true.

I used to work in a factory making picture frames with a picture inside (very typical of 80s). I ran the table with about 20/25 people. I gave out the orders, and they made them up. So if the order wasn’t done… I got shouted at, then…

You worked an hour extra Mon to Thurs, and had half day Friday… With pay packet n the pub! lol no Mrs at that time to collect the housekeeping.


@AnkerTechnical any word on how many ambassadors will be chosen?


It depends on how many excellent candidates we met!:grin:


Tricky tricky tricky :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We have a lot of talented members… will not name them but you @AnkerTechnical know better, there have been good amount of reviews with quality videos posted recently, may the best get selected!!!


how many have you met so far? :older_man:


Poor modern people…direct deposit keeps us from pretending we were paid less than we were :laughing:


Yes! I like this answer! Quality not quota!


Thanks for giving us an open invitation for a great opportunity to show the world how and why we love testing… @AnkerOfficial


Haven’t seen you for a while. Welcome back :grin:


Hey @AnkerOfficial - choose me because I have magic powers!


Looks like Thor getting his Hammer :joy:


No don’t chose him, he chucks stuff in a pond! :wink:


Dude, how did you find it again? :joy: Does it float?


Find it again, its in his hand…? :joy_cat:


Guess @gAnkster had someone at the other end with a net or a net spread in water, just got the Icon back… Looks really cool video… not sure what all special effects :dizzy: went ok bro making it…

One thing is for sure, this has definitely caught eyes of our Anker members and Anker Teams :wink:


Hahahaha my friends would definitely roll their eyes at me if I asked them to help.

As for the magician’s secret…I just threw the icon in a lake and reversed the video :laughing:. Here it is forward.