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They should have some badges on the profile, hope they implement it… So far have only seen the badge for @bill_rae for most likes for some.month / event.

Looking forward to the email (hope I get one)


Didn’t even know that was a thing :muscle:t2:


At some point in future there will be so much social media and so much fake news that no one will believe the social media influencers. We all know how influencers are mostly wrong (who can forget Fyre) :joy:


As stated above, I just hope that active community members are chosen :wink:


I’m leaning more towards it being applicants that have a solid online following, not to the extent of Unbox Therapy but those with at least a modest number to push the brand name or newer products to a wider audience…

Active community members I think are likely to remain in the contributors bracket, unless that is canned in favour of the content creators :cold_sweat:


We have active members who have great YT followings. Such as @joshuad11 and @Tank. Both of them would do super well… then again, they’re both contributors…


Don’t confuse our star contributor title with brand ambassador as they are two separate things. Also just because we are contributors does not automatically mean we will become ambassadors…


I’m not confusing anything. I just stated that because @ndalby suggested a potential (however unlikely it may be) that the contributors will be abolished (pardon the colloquialism) in favor of the ambassadors.


this was smart for anker to spread the word about them


I do not have a great following on YouTube. Other creators would attract much more attention…


As @Tank said, they are two distinctly different programs with unique purposes. Contributors is forum-based. Ambassadors will be based on external content.


Your newer videos are Getting in the tens of thousands of views. Being an ambassador, would help you get even more videos out, and more views/subscribers.


It’s so hard to get subscribers. I’m going to be giving away two smart home products soon to my subscribers. I posted a video about the giveaway and only gained 1 subscriber. LOL! I bet once you get over a certain number it gets easier, but it’s hard starting off.

That being said…if anyone wants to win some stuff (US shipping only…at least for my first trial giveaways), check out my channel and subscribe! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: [shameless plug]


yea, the YouTube grind is real… lol


I’m happy to be a forum member :raised_hands:t2:


I’ve only posted 3 videos and got around 170 subs… 1000 subscribers are in my peripheral view :grin::+1:t2:


Your doing better than I am, I hate e a handful of videos and I think 150 or so subs. Doesn’t help that I promised more videos this year and so far have fallen flat on that. Part of the reason was lack of proper camera and the other is when I want to record I don’t have anyone to help me out so I think it all looks stupid when I try to do everything myself. And I just scrap the video all together. But now I have a camera and someone to help me look out, so hopefully I can get more going


What’s your channel? I’ll subscribe if I’m not already


This is his channel :grin:.

Y’all are all doing better than me :joy:. My blog had 6-7 reviews, and I have 2 subs :joy:


Everyone share your channel!!!

I will subscribe.