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Already a post where people did this


People need to update that post though cause I know people on here probably have channels but haven’t shared them yet. I’m happy to follow anyone who shares their YouTube


I’m hoping that some people get chosen because they make good content instead of already having a big YT following. Anker can help promote good creative content. Also, not all influence happens on social media. Some people might have real-life visibility as well.


I think Anker wants both quality content and a large quantity of followers to spread the work.


I just posted mine on there. I saw it the other day, but it seemed like a dead thread and didn’t want to attempt any kind of wizardry.


I am a content creator for YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, my channel name and handles are GeniusFinds. I am interested in growing together by reviewing your products. I have already just posted a review about the Anker Infini Pro soundbay, the video on my YouTube channel will be up once i finish editing and shooting all the final B Roll for it. But, I am interested in starting my next project with your marketing team if interested.

Contact me at about any product or video or post ideas you have, or if you would like to sponsor a video or post I am interested in that as well.


Make sure to fill out the application… good luck!


I’m keeping my eyes peeled and RSS honed on Italian and New Zealand contetn-creators signing up and actively submitting.
Tis strong, thine envy of the scenic advantages for promotional purposes.


I’m just gonna leave these here :grin:


Nice pics they are pretty


Nowadays everyone wants to start their own youtube channel and everyone person who knows Digital marketing, creating blogs everyday. so we can say here is a big competition. Thanks for sharing

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They really are!


SON of A! :astonished:


I’m gonna take advantage of these stills of glory and ask forgivness rather than permission…
…thanks for the new wallpapers! :kissing: :sweat_smile:


Hahaha enjoy!


Yeah, your welcome for the meme. It can be your wallpaper too? No?


Let me know if you can ship to Canada :grin:


Let me check the shipping costs. If it’s about the same, then I will. :slight_smile: I need to get the review done. It’s so hard to get these created when you have 4 kids and a full-time job. lol


well someone replied 46 times to this topic
That is insane :joy: