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Great opportunity, I love all Anker stuff and I always share nice pictures on intsagram when I buy new ones :slight_smile:


When I go to fill out an application, I keep getting “Oops! Something went wrong.” when I try and connect my Twitter account. Any ideas @AnkerOfficial?


I’m on the same boat, I already send email to Anker but no response yet.


@josh.meade @Drumrocker365 @tugar32 Sorry about the Twitter issues. We’ve removed the requirement of connecting with Twitter for now. Please try again and keep us posted if there’re still any issues of sign up. We will try to solve the twitter connection issue as soon as possible.


When should we expect the winners to be chosen and receive the email?


The first batch of content creators will receive the confirmation email before the end of May.:innocent:


Il not hold my breath :joy:


Thanks for the opportunity, I’ve been using some of your product and satisfied as well, good to review.

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@Jems_Ford As your new to the community it would be best to give the rules a look over in regards to allowed content…


Good luck to everyone can’t wait to hear who wins and to see the content they release


This is a great opportunity for people who create contents for social media. Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks, I was able to complete the application. :grinning:


For what it’s worth I was then able to successfully link my Twitter AFTER submitting the tweaked application form. :ok_hand:


Yay! I hope I’m chosen :grin: I would definitely up my social media game for this. Also it would help to get on a schedule for reviews.


Dude, let me tell you that you have awesome screen presence. You are well compose in your videos, and after I did my first video, I realize how hard it is to do it. By the way I was planing on doing the POV video of the Robovac, by I saw you got one video like that. I hope you get consider dude :clap: good luck and keep up the good work.


Maybe it would help you to have someone else in the room… to make it seem like you are telling someone about the product.?.??. Good luck making your videos!


@tugar32 Thanks! That means a lot. And there are never enough robovac POV reviews!


Would be great to be a contributor, to add to my blog :grin:


I just caught this :joy:. I guess I’m a bit slow :joy:. So there will potentially be more ambassadors :grin:


Could be future waves of content creators.

I’m wondering if those selected will get something like “creator” below there usernames