Save $20 off on new Soundcore Wakey



Right now, you can use the promo code NEWSPK3300 to save $20 off this recently released speaker.


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Nice find thanks for sharing


thanks for sharing, this is better, hope to see the price down to 70 :+1:


Anker did give out 30% coupons on some products, not sure if that happens with Wakey … just keep your hopes :+1:


thanks for sharing the coupon :+1:


Great deal! Thanks for sharing it!


Great deal buddy, thanks for sharing it with us.


Good deal for those who dont want to pay $100 :+1:


Dammm! None available! Says only available by third party sellers, click it and says not available! Very impressive it sold out quick!


Wow. That’s impressive :joy:


Crap, JUST when I was about to buy one :rofl::rofl:


thanks for sharing


Sory to hear ! :hushed:
Better luck next time but you have to be real fast


Yep, I want the Black Wakey but I would have jumped on this deal for the white one. Seems like that is my luck nowadays. Thats why I don’t enter the powerdraw anymore… too many wasted powerbucks.


Don’t give up bro, you’ll win one day :+1:


Hopefully you’ll win the testing event!


Already discounted :hushed::open_mouth:


Thanks for sharing!


Still a lot not for me…


Is the Soundcore Wakey available for sale now?
I dont this listed in the anker website or any other site for sale.
If Anker is going to re-introduce, any timeline for the sale to begin on soundcore wakey?