Rumour: The next ipad(Air) 2020 could be in iPad Pro form factor with USB-C port

No matter which port Anker got it covered! :slight_smile:


Apple will add no more ports at all!
That’s APPLE! :rofl:


I know you love Apples @Chiquinho :apple:


I mean the iPad pro already uses USB-C, so what’s the big deal?


Indeed, I love Apple!
Have all old Apple items here. Macbooks, IPads and IPods ->
NO MORE Update possible. NO MORE apps downloadable.
Thats because I love Apple so much!

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I will wait for no port iphone… Portless :sunglasses: - no USB-C / Lightning ports…

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How you do the data transfer then? I only use the port to charge it and copy my photos when I need :thinking:


Only through Wifi (& Bluetooth) :wink: That is how I am doing it now, not connected the iPhone to PC for any charging or Data Transfer for my new iPhone 11 Pro

Photo Backups are automatic to google photos … so pic all my photos from google photos on app and web

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I do that too, but didn’t pick it from there thinking while I have the phone and cable connected to laptop, easy to retrieve from the folder. Will try Google option some time.


This may well be a reality,… one day :wink:

Apple with NeuraLink, data transfer between apple device and human brain… more of a sci-fi movies … but then Neuralink is almost … true.


refined version here by elon and team :rofl:

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To much “high tech”.
My old styled one is more “clear” and trustable! :rofl:

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I don’t trust any of this, will never go for an implant of any kind… its good to see the demo and all, but that is about it…

think of this situation… i forget to renew the Neuralink subscription (i am sure it will be there down the line), and I cannot start the Tesla Car or Start my Laptop or phone (Apple :wink: ) or change channels on TV (roku or Apple TV) …

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What will happen if you have to do an update of this implanted chip.
(Programmed by “well educated engineers” from Apple, MS or even LINUX :rofl:)
"Failed -> error"
You have to wait for a patch, meanwhile you are paralysed somewhere. :frowning_face:

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Changes are generational. The young born into the world just accept.

I do see smart implants as inevitable, whether to correct diabetes, arythmia, epilepsy, mental illness, paralysis, but eventually to augment memory, intelligence, security.

You are ready for an implanted mask?

That would be nice, now the civil war in my house can end.

you wouldnt need to speak… thoughts would fly over air to the next person over data link… but wouldn’t we really want to hear the words from people near and dear to us :slight_smile:

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