Review of the PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini

If this is the only part you read: the PD 2 is something that everyone should have in their backpack, briefcase, or suitcase. I have done a lot of traveling over the years, and wish I had owned one of these much sooner!

The Design
The design of this device is well thought out and was engineered to to be tough and reliable. The outer plastic of the main “hub” is not made of a cheap plastic like I have seen from other companies, but a stronger and more reliable plastic that should be able to easily withstand the rigor of day-to-day use. In addition, the cord is woven and thick and looks like it will hold up well when thrown into a bag or coiled in different ways constantly. And just like Anker’s cables, the connections going from the woven cable into both the plug and the hub have extra protection to prevent fraying or breaks.

Best Feature
One particular feature that I would like to draw to your attention is the rubber grip located on the bottom of the hub. After spending countless nights in hotel rooms and having my previous power strip slide off the nightstand more than a few times, I am excited about the Anker forethought to add this into the design and implementation of this product. If you’re only going to use this on the floor, it probably won’t add a lot of value for you, but if you are planning on having this on a table, desk, or other surface… you won’t regret it!

Operating the PD 2
As for the actual use of the PD 2, I couldn’t be happier! The hub contains a small LED light to tell you when it is actually getting power (which is great when you’re plugging into different outlets and have no idea if they are on or not). And having the regular outlets located on opposite sides of the hub make it perfect to plug in two devices, regardless of how big their individual plugs might be. This is a huge design plus, especially if you’ve ever tried to plug something in only to find the only outlet remaining is obstructed by some other device you previously plugged in.

Final Thoughts
After almost a week with the PD 2, I am still struggling to find something that I would suggest Anker improve upon. I usually try to find something about a product that I don’t like, but I can’t think of anything when it comes to the PowerPort Strip. It packs up nicely (even has a velcro strip to keep the long cable contained), can charge 5 devices simultaneously, and it is built to withstand more than the average wear and tear of daily use. What more does someone need from a power strip?! In my opinion, this PowerPort Strip should be in everyone’s bag. I know that it will be in mine (unless my wife steals it)!


Nice review and pics. I like the braided power cord. I’ve got the older mini power strip and love it. I want one of these.

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Great review. I love the angles on the pics. I need a good background to take pics like that.

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:+1::+1: Thanks your nice review!

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Perfect review.
Good photos as well.

Great review and fantastic photos :ok_hand: Makes me want this PD 2 Mini :slight_smile:

How are you taking photos, DSLR or Smartphone, interested to know it

I’m taking them on my Nikon DSLR, and doing just basic adjustment using the photos app on my iPhone. Glad you like the pictures!

Thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts. I can’t wait for mine to arrive.

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Everything tastes better when it’s breaded. YUM!


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Great review. Great pics.

I’m slightly conflicted. We have the PowerPort Strip 3. We actually have TWO of these as my wife and I each have one. And we use them daily, whether we’re at home or on the road. I recommend this to EVERYONE because it is so versatile. I love that it has 3 AC outlets plus 3 high speed USB ports. The PD 2 Mini only has 2 AC outlets, but has a USB-C PD port along with 2 high speed USB ports.

Personally, I still give the edge to the 3 since I have too many devices (yup, I frequently charge 6 devices at once). But I’d really like to pick up the PD 2 for quick trips where I take fewer devices … and because it looks so damn good.

I’m still waiting for Anker to update the PowertPort Strip 3 (Cube) --> PowerPort Strip PD 3 (Cube). Apparently, they are considering an update to the Cube (hopefully by adding 1-2 PD ports).

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Stupid auto correct. :rofl:

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Awesome review and pictures

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great review and photos! great job! :clap:

Good review, just remember if your wife steals yours she can’t complain when you buy another one :slight_smile:

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Good point!!