Powercore 26800 PD takes days to charge on a Belkin 2.1A wall charger


I’m traveling and I choose the wrong charger in my luggage… It’s a 2.1A 10W Belkin wall Charger. It works reqlly well with One Plus 6T for exemple. When I charge the phone from the wall charger, it’s quite hot. When the powerbank is connected, it cold. I don’t have more tools here to make measurements but the charge current of the powerbank seems to be very small… Do you have a solution for me ? Thanks

Powercore 26800 PD requires a PD input of 5V at 3A, 9V at 3A, 15V at 2A, 20V at 1.5A for charging. However best possible charging option would be 5V at 3A or 9V at 3A.

Belkin charger seems to be 5V at 2.1A and may be the reason it takes longer to charge the PowerCore 26800… for this trip you may have to put up with whatever charging you have, and plan for a better charger the next time you travel.

It is recommended to use a PD wall charger with higher wattage adapter to charge it instead of other standard wall chargers. Also this is usually paired with Anker’s 30W USB-C Wall Charger which provides moderately faster charging for the powerbank.


Sounds legit :grimacing: