PowerCore+ 26800 PD not charging Macbook Pro 13' (2016)

Purchased a PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD but it does not charge my Macbook pro 13’ (2016).

What am I doing wrong? Anker told me I needed a replacement, but the second unit does the same thing.

System Report Reads

AC Charger Information:
Connected: Yes
Wattage (W): 30
Charging: No


Hi @kgreen747 , have you tried a different USB-C cable? Also have you tried connecting the PowerCore and charging while the system is off?


Try using the Apple cable in the first instance. Most USB3 cables right now do not support high wattage. and your macbook will need 29W or 61W to charge.


The included cable is able to charge @ 20+ watts from the wall charger. Would anything be different coming off the battery.


Please provide more information like: the info you gave anker last time, have you tried different combination?

Apple + Anker cable
Anker + Apple cable

PD specification allow a device to be charged at various rate. Even then latest iPhone and few other android phone have it as well. The powercore should at least charge your macbook at slow rate. Have you open any app at that time?

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@kgreen747 I have the 2017 apple mac book pro without touch bar 13" to use the PD feature use the apple Included usb C wire, then make sure you turn the battery on first so that it gives power to the Mac and so that the mac is not charging the battery. The toucher bar mac will not be charged by the battery, Also make sure you lower brightness and don’t be multi tasking. Charging is only about 1% every 2-8min compared to the 50% charge you can get in 20min using an outlet. Anker really needs a 60W PD for the feature to work great, if you have any more trouble just ask for help! :smile_cat:


I am pretty sure it is 60W off the outlet since it includes a 60W wall plug and not a 20W outlet. The MacBook uses a lower wattage plug


Hi @kgreen747 ,

Thanks for bringing the issue to us via this post and email, and thank @all for good suggestions!

Please be assured that this PowerCore+ 26800 PD should charge your Macbook Pro 13’ just fine though at slower rate than the Apple supplied charger, as it only outputs 30W max. According to our engineers’ test, it will take about 3 hours for the mac to be fully recharged by the PowerCore+ 26800 PD.

Then how to use this Anker PD battery? Please make sure to insert the included Anker USB C to UBC cable via USB-C port, press the LED Power Wheel to activate USB-C output, then connect your devices to it to start charging. As a kind reminder, please make sure you lower brightness of your mac and don’t be multi tasking to ensure it’ll charge properly, as @cdarienzo1 suggested.

Hope this helps. Should there be further concerns or questions we could address, please feel free to contact us via "support@anker.com".

Best wishes!


None of the above resolved my issue.

I’m still getting “not charging” when pressing the button first and with the apple provided cable.

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“The toucher bar mac will not be charged by the battery”

My MBP is a touchbar at model. What did you mean by this?

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There were reported issues that ‘touchbar’ models could not charge correctly from Anker powerbanks. Not certain if this related purely to the 26800+ (non PD), to the initial PD release (can’t recall if initial ones were pulled) or the current release. Read it was something to do with flow reversal, so essentially your Mac tries to charge the powerbank rather than the other way around. Your does have PD listed on the PowerCore label, to rule out an incorrect one being sent?

I would drop support@anker.com an email with the serial and purchase date of your PowerCore to see if they can shed anymore light on the ‘touchbar’ model charging issue.

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sorry for delayed response but the toucher will significantly diminish your battery. "That characterization came from user yillbs on MacRumors.com. “I don’t think anyone can convince me that this thing isn’t just flat out the worst battery life ever on a MacBook,” yillbs wrote, clearly frustrated. “I’ve been defending it like mad, but at this point… how can you? 4.42 hours is just bad.”-PC world. As you can see your touch bar will kill the incoming charge at a rate that is ridiculous, even if you turned it off it would still affect the performance. you would need to have brightness almost zero, touchbar off, all apps/pages closed, and back lit keyboard off to maybe get a bit of charge. unless Anker releases a 60W PD in quarter 4, (please Anker!!!) which would be Novemeber/December, I do not believe that it will work for you.

P.S I haven’t tried this but maybe two power core 26800 PDs connect to the computer may work. note, I do not condone this and am not responsible for fire, damage, burns, lacerations, and or death :smiley:

heres proof it can work, @Arwen is right thought the stock cable is required.

tried to get wire, powercore+ 21000 usb-c and mac battery all in one picture.

But it works!!!


If you click on the battery icon, does it say charging? I get the lightening bolt as well, but it simply says “not charging”.

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yes, it does say charging

This battery does not charge the MPB 13’ late 2016 with touch bar. This should be reflected on the products page.

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this review have a multimeter stick to a mbp touchbar and it does charge

I thought I had the same issue, however I realized when it wasn’t charging I had my dual display hooked up (not a normal use case for the battery pack as I was on my desk, however I had just received it and was testing) along with having Photoshop and a few other programs that take a lot of power. When I unhooked the second display and closed a few of those programs the Mac began to charge off the power pack. I assume when it says its not charging its because the Mac is using too much power to be able to charge and run off the battery pack at the same time as the battery pack only provides 30W opposed to the 87W Apple Charger.

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Thanks! Good to know that!

This setup still does not work for me.

Only Chrome is running at the lowest brightness setting. “Lightening bolt” shows up in the menu bar, but upon clicking it says “Battery Is Not Charging”. I’ve tried 2 Anker 26800’s with 2 different MacBooks Pro 13’s (late 2016). Tested with both the included cable and Apple cable.

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