PowerCore+ 26800 PD not charging Macbook Pro 13' (2016)

It specifically says it will not charge macbook pro with touchbar, powerdraw exceeds the power output of the charger itself. It will however as another member pointed out charge the macook pro when it is turned off and not being used

It is working for me.

Did you ever get this to work? Disappointed. I specifically bought this battery for this purpose.

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Same here! I had a MacBook Pro 15 2017 (Touch Bar) and PowerCore+ PD 26800 is unable to charge the MBP at all. it shows “Not charging”, there is no LED indicator on the Power Bank.
I did press on the button before plugging in it…
NOTE: it is difficult to tell if the Power Bank is turned on or not

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Sorry it’s not charging for you, but it does say in the description of the product when buying from an authorized source that it will NOT charge a macbook pro with touchbar. The touchbar draws too much power, it can trickle charge it when not n use but even then it takes a long time.

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Interesting… you would think that the included cable would work.

Here’s a tip from @AnkerSupport

Where? I see that it does not support high-speed charging, but that doesn’t mean it won’t charge it.

Rest assured that if you are unable to get it to work, Anker will take care of the issue. Just reach out to their support team by emailing support@anker.com if that’s what it comes down to.

Do you think Apple is going to phase out the touchbar? There seems to be a ton of hate.

It use to be listed as not cmpatible woth macbook pro touchbar, not sure when they removed it but it was there

It was listed once, I think both in the Amazon / Anker site description and also the imagery (I think) but it looks like it has been removed in the mean time. Maybe Apple patches / firmware in the interim have resolved the compatibility issue, as it was I believe, to do with flow reversal where the Mac was trying to charge rather than be charged.

On the Pro’s I’ve used with it on I can’t say I’ve ever used it beyond speed scrolling through a video clip. I think the main bulk of hate comes from the extra premium you have to pay to get a 15" Pro just because of the touchbar (which most will not use beyond the escape and F1-12 keys). As for phase out, I wouldn’t think anytime soon as Apple are not known from walking away from a self created standard, even if it’s poorly received (a la homepod). Probably got another two refreshes before they replace with another ‘brave idea’