Power User Program System Update

I must’ve missed them :grimacing:

No it was invite via email, not via power user page which is how they have done it in the past and I assume will continue to do so

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Ah ok

Makes sense then as to why I never saw it. Don’t always manage to read every post so I may have a search to see the reviews.

My Liberty air review was one of them

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Don’t be sad mine is under review for over a year or something like that

then write Rosa an email … :thumbsup:

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What was the email address

@Kopra_12 it’s marketing@anker.com

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It seems the Power User program is mostly closed now… PRobably should remove the page… Seems 90% of users are sitting in limbo or the page is just blank

“Rosa” has told us, the PU-program will be totally changed.
So be patient! :wink:


I see the occasional discount code pop up in mine. Think that’s the way it’s gonna be from now on as I believe if you are selected for beta testing you will receive an email.

I’ve not had the chance to beta test (yet :crossed_fingers:t2:) so not 100% sure if that is actually the case or not lol

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I think so, from what I’ve gathered off of those who have been chosen.

Not sure if anyone in UK has ever been chosen to beta.

Have you got the zoro on pu bit description is in German?

Yeah thought it was just me lol

This might happen, but the price is in pounds, so it’s OK. :grin:

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will it be easier for me to become a power user now? my application is still under review

Just gotta be patient.

all right. it doesn’t seem like i have much of a chance though. i don’t do social media because i’m religious, and i’m in school.

You could if you want chase it up with Rosa but the power user page is going down the route of beta testing so it’s only really discount codes atm.

You may not think you have a chance but everyone has to start somewhere.

rosa? just wasting characters now…


Please use the search first.

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