Power User Program System Update

See,… Primarily beta n discounts… So we both right!
Beta isn’t just free, as it’s potentially a problem device‽

Beta is going to be such a small percentage of power users, anyway (likely less than 1%). Their biggest issue is with communicating information about new products.


I just became a power user a fees days ago but I haven’t seen any codes or products in my power user page. Sounds like they just show up at random? I was expecting a few to be in there but I guess not. Not complaining, just making sure I’m in the correct area to be on the lookout for the codes/products.

There were some discount codes there last week or the week before but as of now, there is nothing and shows blank as you are seeing.

Depends on your region…haven’t seen anything (codes, discount etc) on the UK page for several months :frowning_face:


There are no more “free” samples but only deals (discount codes) appearing… I see those may be once a month or so… Also varies per user / region / Geo

Yeah it’s been a pretty dry couple of months

I got neither deals nor testing products.
But don’t mind at all.