Power User Page Gone?

influencers make horrible reviewers because an honest bad review will deter other companies from approaching you. its like joe namath hawking reverse mortgages, he’ll say anything if you pay him enough. its rediculous

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Money rules the world!
Honesty dies everywhere.

It’s interesting to see that money arose independently in disparate cultures after they got isolated. That means the idea could not be stopped.

Without money the creators of items you wanted you would meet personally and negotiate. That meant farmers were “rich”. What money did was let the middlemen take the profit, haggle across multiple farmers and so the farmers got poor.

Also money dehumanises. Most people would never be cruel or harm another human they encounter - the species is social, requires empathy we are wired with. But money you allow bad things to happen to a creator without you being aware. i.e. Money is the root of all evil.

The nearest you can get back to not making money evil is to source local buy local, so at least if you are harmful it’s your neighbourhood where you are more likely to know the consequences of your actions. So a village culture of consumers of local product.

The rich middlemen however invented Television and Internet through which they distracted us all with the most polarised topics - find a topic half the population agree with.

Hence now Twitter, Fox news, etc

Turn all the gadgets off and go walk locally and chat to people.

If you guys love to do real beta testing (receive articles prior to release to test them, you should check Betabound page).

I did, but they wanted to know too many private things.

Though I have not to hide something :
But who will give such special information to a unknown “company”
Of course I could have told them some wrong information, but that’s not me acting this way.

That is exactly how Anker/Soundcore does it as well. Participants are selected and sent items that have not been released to the general public to test and report back on any/all issues or positive notes.

Have you been selected to test anything there?