Only $1 | New User Exclusive PowerLine+ II’s incredible tensile strength

I tried and was stuck on the same page, never moved forward, i had already placed order in the past.

Placed order for Nebula & Soundcore, but never on … but still couldn’t apply myself.

Edit - I tried again just now on laptop - got this error


Ive honestly never bought anything from any anker site and still got denied, so yea… :thinking:

Got denied as well

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Lol it’s because it’s all the same system. Go to your orders on anker and you will see your nebula and eufy purchases

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Same error…
I think it has to be very new customer who never purchased/subscribed to Anker in anyway, not even their marketing emails…

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Great contest. I’m sharing this to my facebook page. I’ve got a couple of friends that might take advantage of this deal.

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Sounds good… :+1:t2::v:t2:

Couldn’t enter anyway :tongue:

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Wow only $1? I’ll be sure to tell family members. That’s an amazing price

Have you ever ordered something through any anker website??

If you’ve used a coupon on the soundcore website it would count as a purchase.

I have a friend who took advantage of this deal last time. He was subscribed to the anker email list, and had entered In drawings and in the past.

I’ve never bought anything off either site 100% sure. Still got the same error. I signed up along time ago but didn’t post anything to this site till the Christmas thread. Meaning it’s an old account but no history.

Go to and hit the little body at the top of the screen. Then hit “my orders” and see if anything is in there.

If you’ve ever won a Prize from a drawing from anker, it’s possible it was fulfilled through ankerdirect and possible through your account.

never won anything I would literally lurk the forums that was it.

It is from your email address that you all are getting denied. I was denied too and thought i would try my mother in law email address as I know she has not bought online anker products, nor has been on Anker. She only did the referral for me for Soundcore. She got the same message.

Maybe the system is broken then.

Yes, I did purchase Infini Pro from Soundcore not Anker, but that may be considered as not a first time user.
But people who never bought anything still get denied so I guess it’s going by email address, if it ever shows in the system, denying.

I already explained this above.


All of the sites have the same internal system. Purchases from soundcore, nebula, eufy, or roav, still show up on your anker purchase history.

I GOT THAT… :point_down:


Cool buddy… take it easy :laughing:

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Haha. JSYK I didn’t use all caps because I was yelling at you. I just wanted it to pop out of for people just scrolling through- just so they know.

As far as that goes, I think the system is messed up/broken.

Has anyone been able to claim the deal?

Guess we’ll have to wait on the official word.

Relax all :innocent::hugs: let us spread Anker brand / this contest to friends :+1:t2:

But continue buying more from Anker via Amazon / for regular.purchases :wink: