Now On Kickstarter! | Nebula Cosmos and Cosmos Max

The day has finally arrived, Nebula fans!

After a month of tantalizing teasers and wild community speculation, Nebula Cosmos’s Kickstarter is now LIVE and… wait… what? There are two projectors?

That’s right, folks!

Please give a warm welcome to Nebula Cosmos and Nebula Cosmos Max, our brand-new series of all-in-one home cinema projectors.

Let’s go and get acquainted with the latest members of the ever-expanding Nebula family.

Cosmos Max

Cosmos Max, the new star of our lineup, is the World’s First 4K Home Cinema with 3D Audio.

Unlike traditional wired 4K projectors, Cosmos Max includes everything you need to create your very own home movie theater—right out of the box.

Cosmos Max projects your favorite content in stunning 4K UHD, with HDR10 adding new depth and clarity for visuals that fully immerse you in the action. A 150-inch image ensures the whole neighborhood can pop round to catch the big game, while the 1,500-ANSI lumen LED lamp means you can keep on watching both day or night.

But there’s more to movies, shows, and games than astounding visuals. Without crips, clear audio, how on Earth will you understand what’s going on? That’s why we’ve outfitted Cosmos Max with four 8W speakers, Dolby Digital Plus, and Sound Dimension® technology. From cinematic soundtracks to whispered exchanges between lovers, you’ll never miss a moment with Cosmos Max.

But that’s not all. In addition to great visuals and superb sound, Cosmos Max also includes Android 9. You can enjoy content from all your favorite apps, including YouTube, Hulu, ESPN, and, yes, even Netflix.

There’s so much more we want to tell you about Cosmos Max, like the fact it has autofocus and keystone correction… but hey, we want to leave something for you guys to discover all on your own over on the Kickstarter page.

Now, let’s take a look at Cosmos!


A fantastic starting point for newcomers to the home cinema scene, Nebula Cosmos is a 1080p projector that includes everything you need to embrace that home cinema lifestyle.

Its razor-sharp 1080p 900-ANSI lumen image displays your movies, shows, games, and more incredible clarity and detail.

And like its big brother, Cosmos features built-in speakers (2 × 10W) so that your movies sound just as good as they look, as well as Android 9 for immediate access to a universe of awesome entertainment.

Huge Savings On Kickstarter

Both Cosmos and Cosmos Max are now available on Kickstarter, with exclusive early bird savings for those quick enough to snap them up. You could even get 41% OFF the MSRP, so act now so you don’t miss out!

We can’t wait for you to discover all the wonders of Cosmos and Cosmos Max.

Head on over to the Kickstarter here.

Power On!


Looks interesting @AnkerOfficial and quite a few backers already :slightly_smiling_face:


What was the original goal?
Was it £38,925?

What I am mad about is that y’all stated the MSRP would be $999, yet when you go to the kickstarter page it says its $1699…

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With the price tag, it will be remaining a ‘dream’ projector at my end :laughing:


yup, same here.

Ah. Good thinking. I just got excited and posted. hahaha. Sorry for the duplicate and thanks for keeping an eye out, @ndalby!

No worries, looks an exciting albeit costly item :smile:

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Wow, already way passed the goal…

Was lucky to see this in person…looks absolutely stunning. Looked like a portable movie theater. Didn’t get a chance to really hone in on the sound because there were some noise but man, the picture quality is spot on.
Had it been announced early next year, I would have jumped on that 999 kickstarter price.

Is there a discount for bulk(I know somebody who wants to buy about 30 for his company)? Amazing product!! Can’t wait to switch out my old bad projector!!

have them send a email to

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thanks a ton

I was given a demo personally by Steven Yang last night at the Anker On Board event, and was impressed with the detail of the 4K resolution and display projected on the wall. The Nebula Cosmo Max is a winner :grinning:


Time for the million dollar question. Would you pay the full $1600 price tag for the projector?

Also did you get to personally meet Steven Yang?

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I would buy it if it was for my company, would recommend it for our small conference rooms.

Personally… :money_mouth_face:… tough for me to buy… short of vitamin M

There are ads all over YouTube for these projectors :sweat_smile:

Guess what!.. this morning when I started my car, Roav Viva App showed me the Nebula Cosmos Ad :smiley: missed to take a screenshot.

Seems to be a great projector for businesses, but for home, it is expensive, unless you want to keep it low with 1080P