No notifications from eufy doorbell

My eufy doorbell is working fine for live video but it intermittently will either 1)record and not notify me or 2) not detect motion that is obviously there and not record.
It has worked in the past and for some reason is not. I checked all the notification settings and increased the detection sensitivities and rebooted the unit. I don’t know what else to try. Any ideas?

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Delete the data and start over. It may sound a bit tedious, but hopefully it works. Otherwise, contact support

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Is Motion detection turned on? Do a test with somebody standing infront of the doorbell and see if it recognizes. Make sure the push notifications check box is checked in.
Ensure the above options for whatever security mode you have it on HOME/AWAY are correct.

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You can adjust the sensitivity of the human detection in the app. It may need to be tweaked slightly to work effectively for you.

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Mine does the same. Has been working fine then all of a sudden it stops sending notifications through to my phone. Checked the push notifications and its on. Records video but d
Doesn’t inform me of any one passing or ringing the doorbell. What can I do? 1st time I deleted everything and resynced it all and it was fine but its gone again. I dont want to be resyncing everytime it stops working. Anker need to fix this issue!

Same here started last couple weeks no more notifications even though records events.

Make sure to check your notification settings

Had anyone got a fix to this. Mine lasted 5 days

I had this issue after a couple months with my wired doorbell. All of a sudden nothing and I would see people walking past my place that should have triggered an event. I reset the doorbell via the app and it would last a week or so, but got to the point of resetting it every day. I finally contacted Eufy Support and after giving them tons of info and screen shots etc, they just sent me a full replacement. I got it installed yesterday and it’s working so far.

I would highly suggest everyone contact eufy support to let them know this isn’t an isolated incident that I had.

Brand new set up of mine and doing the same so have emailed support.

Just found a reddit post, logout the app and in again and it fixes it. Fixed it for me anyway.

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Hopefully that works for ya. Nothing seemed to work for me.

Just purchased today 31 Oct 2020, 4 cameras and wireless doorbell with HomeBase2. Had NO phone notifications from motion detected from any of devices. I tried reinstalling a couple of times no-go. Logging IN and OUT of the APP no-go. Turning my iPhone OFF and ON SOLVED the issue for, I now get notifications within seconds of motion detection on my phone.

I just purchased a Doorbell 2K (Wired), set it up, and the issue is occurring for me too. Logging out and back in, nothing. Settings are setup properly. Even tried turning my phone on and off, still nothing. That really sucks. Notifications are pretty key here…Idk what to do.

I’ve got the same issue with the 2K doorbell and it’s the second time it’s happened and it’s only been a month since I installed. Previously I had to delete and resync the doorbell and it worked for a while and now it’s broken again. Not really fit for purpose. Has anyone had any joy?

I’ve had the Wired Door Bell since October 2020 and I have the same issue. Everything on the door bell works great but on my Samsung S8 I get no notifications at all. Checked all settings up and down in the phone and read many threads trying different things with no luck. It seems like more than just a settings issue but rather an App issue to me. I wish someone would figure out a solution to this issue. Seems as though technical support would be investigating this a little more aggressively since it appears quite a few people are currently experiencing this issue.

Same here, notifications on phone are not sent for all devices in my household.
I am now trying if the logout/ login will help.

That Anker is not really replying is not very helpful, acknowledging an issue and sharing if there is a workaround would already help a lot.

Was there ever a resolution found? I installed about a month ago. It worked great for 3 weeks and now I’m getting no notifications. I hadn’t made any changes. All my settings are correct and the home-base and doorbell both show strong connections to wifi

I just installed a new eufy Homebase 2 and battery doorbell and notifications as in earlier messages here. What is the email address for support. I suspect a faulty unit. Or does someone have a fix?

Mine is doing the same. Does anyone have a fix?