[New Release] PowerLine USB-C to DC is Now Available!

Originally announced last September, Anker is finally preparing to release PowerLine USB-C to DC… Take a look!

Features & details

  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 50 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Ditch The Brick: There’s no reason to carry around that heavy lump of a charger that came with your laptop. Upgrade to PowerLine USB-C to DC cable and experience a truly effortless charging experience. (Wall charger not included)
  • Wide Compatibility: Equipped with a DC connector for compatibility with a huge range of laptops. For a full list of compatible devices, check the compatibility section.
  • High-Speed Charging: PowerLine is just a fraction of the size of your old laptop charger, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up any charging power. Pair up with a 65W USB-C charger to power up compatible devices at full speed.
  • What You Get: PowerLine USB-C to DC Cable (6 ft), hook-and-loop cable tie, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and great customer service.

Pricing and Availability: Anker’s PowerLine USB-C to DC is available to order now from amazon.com for $15.99 and should begin shipping in four to five days.

What are your thoughts on Anker’s PowerLine USB-C to DC? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


For some reason I thought the single cable would come with interchangeable laptop connector ends


I’m interested (even though I just bought a new power cable this past October), just have to figure out which one will fit my laptop.

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I will try to update this post once Connectors B & E become available!

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Great!!! Thanks for sharing :clap:

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Quite a good price

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I don’t think it is factoring the charger port not included.

Random example (HP Probook)

That is cost for everything.

Then the lowest cost 45W Anker port currently


So you’re going to need that 45W PD port for some other reason, such as you’re carrying the laptop and a larger tablet or a 45W Powercore, and alternating using them to move the cable over. I often see professionals with both corp laptop and personal device, so I can envisage some benefit.


Im with @Momo_Bobo
I thought this was going to include all plug ends.
For me, if my laptop charger failed this would be the cheapest solution to get up and running as i already have spare PowerCores. But for someone without a spare powersource they may as well by a charger dedicated to their laptop - as @professor points out.


I checked all the models. Some ask for 85W. It’s going to be an expensive spare charger.

I did once buy a 60W USB PD charger to travel with a newer ThinkPad but it did accept PD 45W natively.

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Forgot you still need the charging brick lol

Yes the cable is cheap, and Anker will shortly offer the usual 18% discount, then 28% and the rarer 40%, so in UK the £13 I’d expect to be £9.99 soon.

It is the fact that many laptops need 45W to 85W which are in the £30 - £50 range makes it about double the cost of alternative.

Therefore the no-brainer scenario is carry two or more devices, such as a 45W Powercore + 45-65W Powerport , this cable and possibly a larger tablet. You’d then have an external powerbank and one charger to feed laptop + tablet.

By itself just as the only part, its an awfully bad value idea.

So I see these being now a good combo:

They are being unfair with is:

Because these are different lengths total. 6ft may be too short.


Will it work with this? Seems I have a 45W charger I got for free.

I also have a this type of laptop charger.

So I’m seeing 45W and 4.0 * 1.7 mm and

So does an Anker PIQ3 45W work with this cable?

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Anker please make a 12v option of this DC cable please Anker pretty pretty please.

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Still makes no sense to me… from the pictures it does look like it should support swappable ends… but looking at the catalog today, it seems like they would sell it a a separate cable entirely…

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I guess that keeps the manufacturing costs down.
Make one cable to supply then just package with the end you need.
Personally i think it would be better to charge a little bit more and supply all the plugs available.
That would actually make the cable more useful in being more universal. I bet most users/households with multiple laptops have different brands.


Professor posted this in another thread, but I believe B & E will be (not in any order):

8.0mm outer. 5.5mm inner.
7.4mm outer. 5mm inner.

Do you think Anker will add other adapters in the future? Such as 5.5mm outer 2.5mm inner.

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E is


B is

I’m just pasting @Insider own images

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The missing information in the top post was filled in hours later. My reply was in the early morning before the info was put up.


I added it thanks to you guys!


The web caches must be country local.