[New Release] PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning (6 ft) is Now Available!



I guess not, they removed it from the description on Amazon that a pouch is included.


Doesn’t matter what it says now since it said it when you bought it.



Anker’s PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning is now available to order in a 6 ft length on Amazon for a cost of $23.99, and should begin shipping immediately.


Call me cheap, but I think that’s quite pricey :grimacing:


For a 6ft braided cable with a lifetime warranty? Nah


I think it’s a bit pricey too which is why it goes on the wishlist for Christmas and birthdays and random moments I feel like splurging


Been waiting a while for this so happy 6ft is here


Guess I’m just comparing it to my USB C Powerline+ II with lifetime as well :thinking:


Well, they have to pay for MFI certification…


Ohh… :sunglasses::rofl:


Doesn’t support Power Delivery.


@ikari04warrior, @ktkundy, if the regular price is too expensive for you, now is your chance to get it for cheaper!

Use code ANKERCTL6 to knock the price down to $19.19!



Lol thanks for letting me know. However I don’t own any apple devices. But thanks anyway!!


Ooo might get it for myself or ask for it for my birthday… send my whole family the code and see who catches on :joy::joy::joy:


@Insider What is the difference between Powerline II and Powerline+ II USB-C to Lightening cables?


@Shenoy The Powerline II+ cables are double braided nylon with a higher bend rating and different internal construction…

Powerline II 12,000 bend rating


Powerline II+ 30,000 bend rating


Thank you @ndalby


There is something which I don’t understand (as usual :wink:) Neil

There are 4 shieldings on this second Superior Durability cable:
alu, copper, TPE, nylon.

There are 3 shieldings on the first high durabiltiy cable:
???, alu, TPE.

What shielding is that innermost, given no name?

Think the photo has a wrong description.
Should be
alu, TPE and ???


Good catch Franz, not had my morning coffee yet :wink:

Think the description lines have been shifted (or a generic not checked)…should be outer insulation / sheath, TPE Insultation & Aluminium shielding…


I am having my morning coffee at the moment, Neil. :smiley: