[New Release] PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning (6 ft) is Now Available!



I don’t know if that’s true…


Apple’s 3 feet USB-C to Lightning cable is $20. This Anker cable is braided (stronger exterior and bend durability) and includes a velcro strap and pouch. Nice extras for only $2 more.

Those who prefer braided will flock to this cable and won’t flinch at that price. Those who prefer nylon cables (more bendable, but less durable) have cheaper options like Anker’s PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning cable, 3 feet for $16.


Lmao, no.

I think it has more to do with the iPhone being the most popular phone being used in the world right now.


This is the cable I’ve been waiting for. $22 seems a bit pricey, but I’m sure that licensing fee Apple is getting isn’t cheap. I’m looking forward to eventually seeing a 6 foot version, but I’m afraid to see how much more that one will cost.


This came out just in time. Got the new BMW 3 series and 3 of 4 ports are USB C. Gonna pick up a couple of these now.


#LifetimeWarranty. You never need to buy another one…


Please tell me more about a brand of cables that I’ve bee using since 2016.


Okay, they’re the best cables ever made. The brand is anker. They have serveral subsidiaries/sister brands such as eufy, Soudncore, roav, and nebula. They are dedicated to making quality tech, at very reasonable prices.

Oh wait, that was rhetorical…


I’d love a USB-C version of the 1ft/0.3m lightning cable. Then I can move to using usb-c in my car!


I need the red 10 feet version to replace my old red one, also 10 feet, everyone ask where I bought this long cable. Also red is more beautiful, it matches with my iphone Red. I am sad, that anker said to me that there isn’t planned a 10 feet version of this cable.


Looks amazing might get my hands on one :+1:


It looks awesome! Does anyone know if it’s available in Germany?


You can order it from Amazon.de


I am very excited about this! ^^


I have 3’ USB-C to lightning version. 6’ is the best cable length.


I hope they’re more flexible than the powerLine II USB-C to Lightning cable - I am very happy that Anker released these much awaited for cables I bought a random one from Amazon and it is not very reliable sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn’t. Anker cables are super reliable and are the only aftermarket cables that are used in my household.


Does this version come with the Adjustable Pouch? I ordered mine from Amazon and there was no pouch included :disappointed:


Yes, PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning should come with a pouch.

I would email support@anker.com.




PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning is now available in Red!