[New Release] Anker Branded Batteries - AA & AAA

How about the Shelf Life :wink:

I can test it :slight_smile:

(No pun intended :grin: )

Great job keeping us updated. I wonder how much they will go for

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The average AAA battery’s is 1000 mah, these are 1320… so they will probably be towards the longer end of battery lives…

I meant price wise lol

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Pages keep going active / inactive but initial prices were as below with expected release date of 13th-21st June;

AA Pack (24) - $15.99
AA Multi Pack (48) - $24.99
AAA Pack (48) - $18.99

Prices might be different once pages go live again when stock is back.

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@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

Can you provide a TDS for these batteries. I’m curious to know what are your discharge parameters for capacity measurements?

Thanks :thumbsup: I’d buy the 24 pack since they are the cheapest they have