[New Release] Anker Branded Batteries - AA & AAA

I really hope that’s not what anker is doing…

What a quaint idea, but I stopped needing AA and AAA gosh at least 5 years ago after Powercore and rechargable flashlights came out and became good enough. I don’t now own anything which can use these.

It was very different a decade ago, I used those AA to USB caddies a lot to recharge phone, and AA and AAA in flashlights, headlamps, etc.


I agree. As I stated above I don’t use battery’s much, since most things have built in rechargeable battery’s. I still wouldn’t mind winning because sometimes I do use battery’s (mainly remote controls).

Lot of new gadgets are coming out with built-in reachargeable batteries, only needing MicroUSB input for charging… the only devices I can think for AA /AAA are clocks, toys, some remotes ( higher end Logitech remotes come with rechargeable batteries + MicroUSB port)

Anker, if at all comes with this idea, these need to be really good and at a competitive price… Costco sells 40pack Duracell for $16.99 ( didn’t bother to check if it’s AA or AAA) and very frequently have deals which take them to $12.99

This is great :joy::joy::joy:

Many customers are interested in the price only.
The quality and durability is secondary.:thinking:

Costco battery’s are actually energizer battery’s rebranded. Costco is considered to have the best value for money when it comes to battery’s :+1:

I was mentioning about Duracell Batteries at Costco, and yes the Kirkland batteries have an awesome price… too hard to beat them, saw these yesterday for like a pack of 72 for 18 bucks

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Tbh all batteries are the same at the end of the day

There so exspensive in the uk you lucky sod

I can’t believe I just read that… so if I get cheap batteries from the dollar store, they’re just as good as Duracell or energizer or other big brands?

I knew someone wasn’t going to let this comment slide by freely.


Sounds like a good experiment.

Buy a 10 pack from the dollar store and a 10 pack of whatever brand. Then buy two devices that can run constantly on a single battery.

Run the batteries through the devices (recording duration, and at what duration the device starts to slow down or slow function). Make sure to switch battery between devices in each test. This will help remove possible differences in the circuitry of the two devices as well as degradation.

Publish Results.

Don’t forget to give me credit for the experiment guidelines :joy_cat:


Anker seems to have updated the Amazon listing, these alkaline batteries with 10year shelf life and not rechargeable.


No off course not I shouldn’t have posted that :joy::joy: we did have some high capacity ones for my modified nerf guns about 300ah 12 quid for 4!!!

Since they’re not regarchable I won’t buy any. It’s a silly thing for anker to sell smh. And they’re sooo expensive! Just get Kirkland my friends. They’re energizer rebranded, and they’re super cheap.

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Hope someone will try this.Good idea for testing

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Maybe I’ll do it one day… After I get through my video backlog, currently at 18 strong… lol

If I can lay my hands on these, I will test this using my Arbin battery tester at work :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit :+1: