Nebula Astro Review

Hello guys, this is my review for the Nebula Astro.

This item currently retails for $279.99 but I was lucky enough to get it through the “We Love Testing” program.

It came neatly packaged in a small box. The Astro projector itself is quite small, maybe the size of an orange or grapefruit. Therefore the weight and portable factor makes it quite easy to handle.

On top of the Astro we find a few buttons, power, volume up and down and speaker mode. In the back we find a HDMI port and a type C port. And at the front, besides the lens we find a focus dial.

When turning the device on we are greeted by a little Nebula animation, 5-10 seconds later we reach the screen

(On your first boot up you are asked to nickname it and pick an avatar and theme, and a couple settings that you gotta go through to set it up such as wifi network and eye guard tech protection)

On the main screen you are greeted by a couple streaming apps. And you also have the time, wifi or bluetooth icons, and the avatar and nickname you picked.
There is also a settings icon that will take you to the picture shown below

Once there you have the Nebula Manager (store), App Control, Network, Bluetooth, Projector, Parental Controls, App Manager And General.

Nebula Manager

While this comes with Android 7.1.2 I was surprised it doesn’t come with the Google Store. (I was reading there are ways to get it such as contacting the Support Team).

Besides using the remote to control the Nebula Astro, you can download Nebula Connect on your phone and control your Astro with it

Well enough for technical specs and here is MY real world experience with it:

I’d say the Nebula Astro packs a good punch without breaking the unlike its big brothers. I never had a projector before but since using it I’m excited to own more. My nieces loved it. I let them have a sleepover at my house on the weekend and surprised them with it. When first seeing it they were quite surprised and couldn’t believe they had " a screen right on the wall" as they put it. While I get that this item is aimed towards kids, it could be owned and used by anyone. And while the interface is kid friendly, you can disable it and have a more “grown up” interface.

The resolution is good for the most part. The 100 lumens sounds like it won’t have good visibility but it was quite decent. Granted, during the day it could be brighter but for the price, you really can’t expect something higher than 100 lumens.
It handled apps fine, there are plenty to download on the Nebula Manager. And if that’s not enough it also comes with screen mirroring.

The speakers on the Astro sound quite good for its size, and the Speaker Mode was a nice surprise (It lets you turn the lense off while still powered on so you can listen to music using its speakers)

When going through the settings, I found an App Manager, once there I found a WebView Browser, clicking it I was able and quite surprised that I could browse the web.

A couple of things that I wish I could change is being able to control the brightness at smaller intervals (10%, 20%, 30%), while there probably won’t be many times when you need this, it would be nice to have just in case you do.
Also not having access to the Google Play Store right away. I don’t know if it’s a legal issue or what but having access to it without having to contact support would make Android users feel more familiar with it.
The battery is another thing, they claim it can do 2.5 hours in Auto Image Mode, at least in my experience it was more close to 1.5 hours, almost getting to 2 hours.

Well guys that’s my honest review. This is also my first review, if you got any pointers and tips on how to improve for future reviews please let me know.

Thanks Anker and @AnkerOfficial for the opportunity.

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Nice review, good pictures covering all the aspects, a well done review @ikari04warrior :clap:

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Thanks man, it means a lot coming from such a good reviewer like yourself :+1:

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Yikes, that is very poor for a portable projector designed to play movies! Most are around two hours and some closer to three…


In Image Mode chosen as battery mode, I have got the battery Runtime of almost quoted 2.5 hrs



But that makes the picture even dimmer?! :grimacing:

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I have both Astro and Capsule on battery mode and prefer it. At least I have not observed a huge difference in brightness on Standard Vs Battery mode… Also I use mostly at Evenings or with curtains closed so don’t observe the difference much

Great review man! Good number of pictures and detailed descriptions of the interface.

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Great review.
Thank you.

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Great review @ikari04warrior I like that you took the time to assess the apps and functions apart from just the projector itself.

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Great review and photos @ikari04warrior
Seems you’re another happy Astro owner.
Shame about that “real life” battery life.
Depending on the film you might struggle to watch a whole one with it running off the battery only.


Volume was around medium capacity so playing it at full volume would’ve drained it even faster

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It was a bit disappointing but judging by the size of the Astro I couldn’t expect a lot more. One thing that I will check later tonight it’s if my powercore 20k can power it. If so, then a power bank would be necessary for time when you don’t have an outlet nearby

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Thank you, I tried mentioning some stuff that wasn’t mentioned in other reviews :+1:

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Do this, I think that will work.

I will try for sure later tonight when I get home :+1:

Nice review. Hopefully we see more from you.

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Thanks, I have a few things I could do a review on. I’m a more confident now so I’ll work on those


Hope that works out mate.
Keep us updated :+1:t2:

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It definitely works!! tried and tested :+1: plus does the Fast charging!

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD does Fast Charging on Astro… it charges the Astro as well as support Projection Playback