Naming Contest | Nickname Your Anker Things

Hi, Anker aficionados!

From loved ones to our pesky pets, from childhood friends to Xbox Gamer Tags, nicknames are part and parcel of how we personalize the wonderfully weird world around us.

Many of us likely gave our favorite childhood teddy bears (other cuddly toys are available) a nickname. I for one remember giving my teddy the highly-original nickname of “bear” when I was a young boy.

In keeping with this age-old tradition, our creative masterminds here at Anker Towers have crafted a delightful little contest. We want you to come up with a cool nickname for your Anker, Soundcore, eufy, Nebula, and yes, even Roav products.

Maybe you have a cute little RoboVac 11C who’s always bumping into things. Why not name it Bumpy, Sir Bumpington, or even Mr. Bump? Or perhaps you have a PowerCore that’s always saving your phone from the impending doom of an empty battery. Captain Charging, SuperSavior, or Buffy the Flat Battery Slayer are all legitimate possibilities.

Once you’ve come up with an awesome nickname, post a picture of your product down below in the comments section, along with a reason why you chose that specific nickname. We’d also love to know whether or not your product has a “sibling”, and if it also has a nickname.

The 3 nicknames with accompanying photos (to prove that you actually own the product you’re nicknaming) which receive the most likes in the comments section will win some fabulous prizes!

First Prize: eufy HomeVac H11
Second Prize: Soundcore Mini Speaker (Black)
Third Prize: Anker PowerWave Base Pad
We cannot wait to see what you all come up with!


  1. Open to residents in the US, UK, Canada and Germany.
  2. This event ends on July 1st, 2020.

Winner Announcement:
First Place: @Alejandro_Cervantes
Second Place: @Luis10
Third Place: @Chiquinho

Congrats! :tada::tada:


Hmmm. Thinks…

I don’t really call my Anker products nickname, I’d be making it up. So I don’t think I can win this one as I’d be lying.



Awesome idea @AnkerOfficial! Sounds like fun!

I don’t think I like the idea for the deciding factor to be for likes, since that really ends up going to favouritism… also it causes people not to like posts, since it give them a lower chance of winning… (I know who will win this contest…)

I think the best way to choose a winner is for someone at anker to choose the winner…

Edit 1: Another point to think about is that users can create fake accounts and like the posts. This happened on the soundcore forum, so it’s not unheard of…


I feel like it should be a combination of both community likes and Anker team picking that way it’s not like the community didn’t find the name clever as well ya know. Maybe that’s just me though


really interesting idea hmm…gotta think think think

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“Old Willy” is meanwhile well known!

And I know there are his friends named “Mary”, “Duchess” and “Astroboy”!

PS: He got a replacement middle-brush at his 2. birthday.
He so proud of it! :rofl:

The very skilled monkey engineers are changing it now at their maintenance:


Seconded on all points :+1:


Its not as easy, Andrew, you are right.

Funny ideas are needed as usual.
I used the “old ones” from the last EUFY competition.

I will give “likes” to all those which are funny and I “like”. :smile:

Hope there will be many, many participants


Here we have another in the long line of named Robovacs.
Named by Charlie shortly after we got her. Ours is called Mary Poppins!
He chose this name as she always helps around the house - can’t argue with that!
Mary doesn’t have any siblings, obviously she would love to take a H11 under her wing to nanny it in true Mary Poppins style.
But she does have some great friends in Duchess and Astroboy, but she has a special place in her heart for Willy, @Chiquinho trusty Robovac.

This is Mary being the host with the most on New Year’s Eve.


LOL… those monkey engineers are very talented!


In the future all will be maintained by such monkey engineers!
They are the best, not got infected by AI! :joy:

Hahaha this made day :rofl: :rofl: too cute


Eufy Robovac 15T, His name is Chompers because he chomps and eats all the dirt and dust

Nebula Mars II, Nebula Capsule Max
The Mars II is named Starlight because when I first got it it lit up the room and apeard to put stars on the ceiling.
The Capsule Max is called R2DP, basically we like star wars and so we its aptly named robot 2display projector

So let me know what y’all think


I asked Willy, he will share his new brush with Mary if she would like to ! :rofl:

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This is my charger named Medusa

The name came about from all the cables coming out of her reminding me of the snakes coming out of Medusa’s head. But be careful sometimes I swear the lack of cable management can turn people to stone.:joy:

I took the risk of including some pictures… hope you all don’t turn to stone


I only name my robots and I don’t have any anker robots. lol

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Nice idea.
Here is my medusa.

But this photo is NOT for the contest.
Do not vote for that, please.

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Mine usually looks worse but I recently cleaned and tired to fix the mess… I guess the moral is I shouldn’t clean and there is really no fixing Medusa :joy:

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Mary says as long as Willy doesn’t brush her up the wrong way :grin:

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