[Lowest Price Yet] PowerCore+ 19000 PD, ONLY $59.99!

Anker’s most versatile portable charger, PowerCore+ 19000 PD, is on sale for just $59.99 on Amazon! That’s half off the regular price and the lowest yet!

This is a very highly recommend offer.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Amazon listing and grab Anker’s most versatile portable charger for half off!

Features & details

  • Hours of Power: Charges iPhone 8 up to 6 times, Samsung Galaxy S9 over 4-and-a-half times, and provides over 1 full charge for a MacBook Pro.
  • Power Delivery: Deliver full-speed 27W charging to USB-C phones, tablets, laptops, and more.
  • Simultaneous Charging: 3 high-speed ports charge all of your devices at the same time—without sacrificing charging speed.
  • Hub Mode: Switch to Hub Mode to sync data and connect accessories.
  • What You Get: Anker PowerCore+ 19000 PD Portable Charger, 30W USB-C Power Delivery wall charger, USB-C to USB-C cable, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Will you be adding to you Anker collection with this incredible discount? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


Good deal, but I dont need it right now


Deal ist OK!


Its a good deal… found something funny with the picture in the post :smiley:

shouldnt the cable go directly across to the person, instead of a cable below the table?



A demo of their longer cables :grin:

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Nice deal!!!

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Funny point!

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Hmm, can’t decide on this one.

I’ll definitely share it with a friend

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It is! How do you like our imagination?


You can now get a refurbished PowerCore+ 19000 PD for just $52.99! Now, that’s insane!

If you were on the fence previously, now is the time.

It gets stranger all the shadows are to the right, so the light is from the left apart from the thumb. If its a reflection you shouln’t see as phone not tilted enough and its not a shadow as light from left.

So explain the thumb.

its all about art of photo editing and photo shop :wink:


So it’s refurbished by amazon? What are the rules for warranty on that…

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why newer backup still has old micro usb input ? To charge t19000 mph battery it would take the whole night.

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Don’t care about that thumb and the shadow.

Give him two!

Evolution makes possible a lot! :rofl:


We can do the same!
Better ideas sometimes!

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Warranty lasts only 3 months…

Huh? This has USB-C PD input and output!