Life Q35 Wireless Headphones

In case anyone is interested in reading my review:


Very in-depth review! Almost made me want to buy my own lol


I see you published it also at soundcore’s forum.

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Q35 being a small increment of the Q30, the Q30 is very good.

My suggestion is if you don’t own Q30, and like these, wait for new colours to drop then buy these at a future lower price. No way does the difference in hardware justify the more than double price. Q30 £60 Q35 £130 currently.

Also it’s inevitable when the Q35 blue price drop happens there’s another headphones just around the corner so I’m not advocating wait for its own sake, only because we’ve yet to see the Q35 initial discount. Also by then firmware bug fixes etc.

Hopefully the favourable reviews justify buying. Finger in air wild guess is £99 in a couple of weeks she pink / white / grey come out.


More color options would be nice that’s for sure. I’m more of a earbuds type of guy so I’d like to give headphones a try for my gaming sessions lol

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Yes, it’s linked to the community there

I’m sure they’ll have different color options but I suppose they started with blue due to branding color.

As for earbuds, I dislike them. Never use them and prefer the full rich sound coming out of headphones :wink:


Your photos are perfect as usual.
I do always my best, but I am not such a professional like you.
But I got always some ideas! :rofl:
Too bad the gallery has been closed at soundcore’s forum,
beside many other funny things there.

Sounds stupid but headphones look kinda bulky to me and I feel like earbuds are much easier to carry around and won’t make me stand out much when in a crowd

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Hm, but those in ears never will fit in my old worn out ears.
Got pains from.
I love my speakers! :smiley:

Once you find the right rubber tips they feel comfortable and won’t bother you after using them for several hours

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Not for me.
I have tried it often.
I am used to the old type in ears for so many years.
Do you remember the SONY Walkman?
I had such one decades ago.
Great sturdy equipment.
I had some Over ears too (listening to 3 D stereos in the 1980)
Now I am fine with my speakers. :smiley:


Yeah I had one. That thing was sturdy!


I agree. Headphones are bulky and that’s a con, but they sound best to people who have discernible ears. Prefer sound over looks.

Earbuds don’t deliver the same type of sound and they cause pain in my ears as @Chiquinho


I have the Q30 and from the reviews the Q35 are identical for most people as the difference requires a type of audio few listen to. The Q30 is currently for most people half the cost of the Q35 as the Q30 is older so discounted, Q35 still in the new and hyped phase so not discounted. No doubt over time this will change, so I expect price to narrow and so the no-brainer-buy-Q30 becomes no-brainer-buy-Q35 in the future.

The Q30 are very comfortable and convenient, as there’s nothing in your ears and the cups are large and comfy, you can wear for many hours. The battery is insanely high (40 hours) so plug into power when not on head and power is then never an issue. The ambient mode is awesome, means you wear them when you want to hear people.

I recommend the Q30, and once the Q35 is discounted, will probably recommend them too.

But note you do, as is common, get what you pay for, the build quality means I think many who use these regularly will find the cups wearing and some breakage/damage. The warranty covers reasonable usage so it’s yet to be tested if full or partial refund over months.


Thanks for that post @professor. Guess if I do decide to buy some any time soon then I should go for the Q30 for the price alone :+1:


I’ve read the Q30 is similar to the Q35, although I’ve never owned one…BUT if your phone or device supports LDAC and you are discernible listener, the Q35 headphones will be worth it. Now or later.

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I appreciate the feedback :clap:

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I have the 30s and the 35. (I gave the 30 to son for his aspergers and will make a further note later on and review on 35).

I agree to your one comment on another thread about the ear cups getting softer or sag.

I think the build is identical for both earcups and all but ldac n autopause.

I really do think the q35 should have came out first as the q30 is making it hard to pick the q35 up.

When I turned on ldac, the ldac was the default codex. When I checked when ldac was off, it was acc as the codex on mine and not such .

I know this view is going to be ignored by Soundcore, but my preference is they stop selling the Q30 (stop manufacturing, run stocks down) and just have the Q35, at a price a little higher than the Q30. So say $70-$100 varying price. Then the Q40 (nickname for next logical evolution model) does the same.

I’d like fewer products each with the higher support from the bug fixes being focused on the fewer products.

I’d also like to not reply to the Q30 vs Q35 threads over the next months…

As thing stand however, there’s Q10, Q20, Q30, Q35, Q20 II…
Just like there’s the Neo, L2, L2P, LA, dot, A2, dot2, LA2, LA2P, L2P+ (and another…) …

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We know that @professor.
The more models, the more confusions, the more issues.