Liberty Air 2 Mic Muted During Call

Anyone else having this microphone muting during a call? It’s not bluetooth dropping as I can still hear the other person, they just can’t hear me.

During call 1: using phone app to call, it muted me in under 1 minute.
During call 2: WhatsApp to call, it muted me after 20 minutes.
During call 3: WhatsApp to call, it muted me in under 2 minutes.
During call 3: WhatsApp to call, it muted me in under 2 minutes.

Will continue to update my call situations. In all cases, I hear them. They can’t hear me during mute. Any suggestions or maybe because I accidentally touched the earbud somehow? (very sure I didn’t…)

During call 4: Snapchat voice call, muted at 20 minutes BUT looks like double tapping the left OR right ear bud unmutes it. What does the function for double tap during call do? Anyone know? The mutes happen so randomly it seems though.

It could be the earbuds shifting away from your body and the sensor thinks you removed them from your ear. Try to disable the automatic pause, you can do so in the app and then try your phone calls again and see if it still happens

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I appreciate this suggestion, will update after some more call testing. During my 4th call it kept muting every 30 seconds. I just kept double tapping to “unmute”. With Snapchat call, I can see my mic volume picking up so I know when I am muted to be able to “unmute” myself. :slight_smile:

So far I’ve had 2 successful calls, both roughly 3-4 hour calls straight with “automatic pause” feature in-app OFF. It seems to have fixed the issue completely. Will update IF it happens ever again otherwise anyone reading this, it MAY be the fix if you have the same issue like me. I personally don’t care for the “automatic pause” feature. I am happy with just double tapping to pause. Thank you @Tank for the suggestion!!!

What Phone device are you using?

Also when you say muted is it

  1. the app you’re using shows that your mic is muted

  2. no software indication you are muted but the other party can’t hear you

Device: Galaxy S10+

  1. Snapchat does have on-screen button to mute your microphone, this wasn’t it
  2. on WhatsApp my friend would keep saying “hello” and I can hear him but he can’t hear me which I had to recall. On Snapchat calls, it shows your microphone voice bar go up and down so it was flat while I was speaking loudly to be able to know if I was muted or not, even though Snapchat has a mute button that wasn’t what was happening.

Glad it’s working for you, I too am not a fan of the auto pause…but it does have its uses so for now I keep mine enabled. Besides I don’t really talk in the phone much, so it works for me either way