Liberty Air 2 Mic Muted During Call

Having the same issue with a Galaxy S10. Mid call I can still hear everyone but they can’t hear me. Happens intermittently as well. Contacted support requesting the 4.20 fix and hoping it corrects the problem.

Hi guys. Does anyone having issue with the low voice and higher background noise. When I am in a call all my contacts are telling me that my voice sounds far and they can hear clearly the background noise. Also when sending voice notes same issue. I have the latest update 4.2 for the buds. I am using samsung s8+. I have tried it on the iphone and it works much better less noise and clearer (nearer) voice. Does anyone have the same issue. And what would be the fix? Thanks

Have you tried deleting the bluetooth profile and then repairing it to your phone? Also try a hard reset of the liberty air 2, put the earbuds back into the case, leave the lid ope⁴1n, press and hold the resloopet button on the bottom of the case until the leds on the earbuds light/flash red, close the lid for 20 seconds then open and repair to your pjone

Thanks I Tried that. I am sure that these earbuds are not functioning normally, the captured background noise is still high, everything else is working fine. Not sure what to do

Hi Jon,

Did this fix your problem? I have two sets of the earbuds and have the same issue. Very frustrating!