The level system in this community is pretty cool, but I’ve noticed something: it’s practically impossible to get to some levels without bringing for years. Though you get free powerbucks for levelling up, I think the 240000 point requirement to get to VIP is insane. If you earn about 50 points a day, around the maximum, it will take around 13 years to get to VIP. The levels are so hard to attain, so I think the powerbuck bonuses should be lowered from the higher levels but also some of the points required.

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It definitely is something that they should work on. It used to be better as you know already but they might fix it some time later who knows so all we can do is hope they can come up with something

Lol I wonder who will make it to VIP level

Me! In 13 years

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Wow that dedication if you manage to do it for 13 years. Considering you have to be here everyday

A quicker and simpler way would be: let’s have more events rewarding PowerBucks and points :relaxed: How’s that?


That’s good!

There is a similar thread here

That would be good as long as getting up in levels meant something meaningful. As @professor pointed out in the other thread that @Shenoy shared, Senior levels don’t mean much at the moment. The only incentive to gain levels is the PowerBucks we receive as bonus

True and true :ok_hand:

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We were talking about a a gallery for photos and videos.
This could help increase bucks and points .
Its funny, we see this at soundcore’s gallery.

you are right

Lol love the enthusiasm

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I see no problems…

SO Just like Soundcore, I find that some of the points are base on a 24 hour period. I assume that if I did the comments at say 2 then the next day I could not get points for comments til 2 the next day. It is the same for the other points.

So you have to be dedicated to do the actives at the same time of day. If you do not do the full list of points and say you are only doing it up to 30 points a day, it would then take you 21 years. :roll_eyes:

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Yea that’s the problem of limiting number of stuff on 24 hour period. Instead of doing it 12am individual time zones

Yea. Wonder if they could just base it upon one time zone such as the UTC time. Even if you are not into the leveling aspect of leveling, it would be nice to know your comments and stuff counted for powerbucks than to have missed out due to a time difference not met…


Leveling up it’s like a part time job lol

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With the current system yea lol

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Yeah I’ve been having weird timing issues where it seems to be a different day but they system on soundcore doesn’t always think it’s a different day. Been trying to figure out when the soundcore days begin and end