It’s UTC time based. So you need to keep a running list of each task you complete with the corresponding time stamp. So you have to wait 24 hrs from that time to post anything new.

I do that with gallery uploads mostly because everything else, I can see the time on the next day to set a reminder on my phone

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Wow that could be rough to remember and keep track of that’s a little annoying but ok

Yea lol. Honestly wish they reset things at 12 am UTC instead of making us wait 24 hrs. Makes no difference just more convenient for us

Yeah cause sometimes I’m on at weird times so now those weird times keep carrying over lol :joy:

Haha, love it! That’s so true!

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Yea I created 2 threads at 11 pm and then yesterday I was like nope can’t stay up that late because of quiz this morning so just created threads today. That’s a little delay but oh well what can ya do :joy:

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Yeah it gets a little rough. Hope the quiz went well

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I think it did. Thanks!

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I appreciate the insight.

As to not rehash the visit and no points thread(s) / time zone thingers, I’ll have to keep track too.