Jouz by Anker - A smart move by Anker or one bad for their and your health?

While having a little browse around the Official Anker Store on AliExpress for some extra details on the SoundCore Ace A0 I happened to stumble on this…Jouz…which appears to be a region limited version of an e-cigarette device from Anker

Whats do you guys think, is this a good idea or bad idea for Anker to jump into the vaping / e-cig space…personally think it goes against the whole eufy brand health aspects…feel free to comment / discuss…

Smoking is absolutely hazardous to you health!
Think there is not much difference between “real” cigarettes and these “e” ones.

I gave up smoking 40 years ago and I AM HAPPY ABOUT THAT.:no_smoking:


Fully agree…never smoked in my life I’m proud to say :slight_smile:


Vaping is just as bad as cigarettes! Not impressed in the slightest to see Anker jumping aboard this health hazard train and I’ve lost some respect for them in doing so.

Not cool, @AnkerOfficial, not cool at all.


Have in a way, namely from the health standpoint, as a business standpoint (which is always a murky area) I can see from the limited region they are playing to market areas that have a high smoker / cigarette consumption such as Czech Rep & Russia…

Never the less not a area I would have thought them entering…and personally don’t think they will stay in for long IMO


You forgot Asia / China.
Think there are a lot of smokers in that region.

I remember when starting my job at the university nearly ALL of my colleagues were smoking.
When I ceased to work, NOBODY! :wink:

I haven’t got a problem… But then again I am a smoker!

Anker rules when it comes to batteries, so why not.

Anker has never called itself a health brand, it deals in batteries and sells some household tech.

If a market is calling for something, and you can supply it. Why wouldn’t you?

Oh, that reminds me… We European’s are calling out for more Anker goodies.

I’m an ex smoker (quit 25 years ago but had a wobble in the middle) smoke free for 12 years.
My wife really struggled to give up and now vapes.

I can see why Anker would get involved. E-cigs have batteries and that’s what they do. Would happily let the wife test one for them.


Interesting that you, after giving up smoking you didnt get a hard “anti-smoker”:
There are many who stopped smoking and changed totally to those
who really “hate” smokers and never accept those.

Not me!
But if there are smokers invited to my house and need “their drug”
They have to go outside.
But they are used too: Same in pubs and restaurants! :grin:

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you mean test one of them.

I am a non-smoker, so definitely not interested in this move by Anker. But hey, they are into a business, and wherever they see market and profit margin they would go. So, good for Anker, not good for the society :neutral_face:

Lol sure do.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like smoking and even at work when working events or festivals I can’t stand it. I move or can be quite annoying by making smokers move to the correct place for smoking.

I’m ok with Vaping, it doesn’t smell or cause the mess smoking does.

But wouldn’t let anyone smoke in my house. They’d have to go out the back garden.


I think this is a smart business move.

I agree with @MacBlank, Anker has never nor should they have to take a stance on smoking or not.

They have a superior product that could increase safety to those who vape and a better product, for probably a better price.

I have friends and family who vape - I would love to get these for them. Don’t want any Litho’s blowing up on my people!

I agree. I wish anker hadn’t created such a vice for people…

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Isn’t that vice already there?

Unless they start making people who don’t smoke, smoke. Then I don’t think they are really impacted that aspect.

Just making a better/safer product for those who choose to vape.

Okay than. I’ll start selling marijuana and cocaine. It’s fine to sell these things since they’re already available to people. I hear there’s good money to be made.

Well, if the territory you sell Marijuana in is legal … go for it. It’s got lots of health benefits.

Pretty sure if you are 18, Vaping is not illegal… anywhere…

I don’t get your comparison.

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Okay so marijuana isn’t legal where is live. Also, I’m trying to make a point that you shouldn’t sell something just because you can. I guess marijuana was a bad example because some idiots (pardon the insult) think it has ”heath benifits”.

Let’s use heroine. Let’s also say it is legal. Heroine is already being sold, so me selling an extremely harmful drug is fine, just because some people already sell it?

That doesn’t make sense.

Btw, no need to say anything about the marijuana. You aren’t going to convince me :wink::joy:

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A while back many people called for Anker to make batteries available to the vape community, so it doesn’t surprise me that they decided to jump into the market. If they can provide a safer battery for the community I am all for it.

If there is money to be made then go for it, Anker never touted itself as a health company and has never taken a hard stance for or against smoking.

Not a fan of smoking…Anker please don’t step in this market

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The name Jouz closely matches to the other brand eCigarette Juul,… I do not smoke and not a big fan of cigarettes or e-cigarettes…

Personally I don’t think Anker should get into this segment, but this is a big budding business now… It’s a walk on tight rope.