ISSUES REPORT - Eufy 2k Video Doorbell

I want to make a master thread that will contain all of the bugs/issues that the doorbell currently has. Feel free to report any bugs/issues that you found.

Issue 1: Late Notifications

  • Firmware Version: 2.157
  • App Version:
  • Reproducibility: Not reproducible
  • Frequency: Unknown
  • Summary: My mom left the house at 8:00 AM and the doorbell did detect the motion on time and I was able to view the recorded video 1-2 minutes after. However, the notification didn’t arrive until 25 minutes later. I am sure that it was not internet problem since I was able to view the recorded video smoothly without any problem.

Issue 2: Stop recording when streaming live footage

  • Firmware Version: 2.157
  • App Version:
  • Reproducibility: Reproducible
  • Frequency: Always
  • Steps to recreate:
    1. Make sure that no one is viewing the live footage from the doorbell.
    2. Ring the doorbell and wait for the notification to pop up on your phone.
    3. Make sure that the doorbell sees you.
    4. Wait for a few seconds to make sure that the doorbell is recording your motions.
    5. Open the app and view the live footage while still standing in front of the doorbell.
    6. Active 2 ways communications and say something.
    7. Go back to the homepage of the app, then go to the “EVENTS” tab
    8. Open the video that the doorbell recorded.
      Expectation: The doorbell continues to record as long as there are motions/human in the field of view of the doorbell. It continues to record even when someone answered the bell and view the live footage. It records the audio from 2-way communication
      Actual: It stopped recording when someone answers the bell and views the live footage. It did not record the audio from 2-way communication.


  1. I haven’t experienced this at all, for any reason.
  2. This isn’t a bug, it’s intentional. You don’t have to activate 2-way communication either…

Here’s a list of the bugs I have found…

  1. When you get a notification that the doorbell has detected motion, it says “view event”. When you click the push notification though, it takes you to the livestream. Which is incredible annoying.
  2. Two-way notification rarely works for me, it just crashes the app. The pre-recorded responses work perfectly though.

I’ll let you know if I think of any more. Feel free to add these to the main post :wink:

I do agree that #2 is not a bug. However, it would be best for it to keep recording until the motions stopped or no human detected. I have 4 people connected to this doorbell total. If one of my family members is viewing the live stream and a stranger is in front of my door, the doorbell will not record that stranger’s action. Also automatically record the 2 way communications is a feature that it should be implemented.

The first bug you listed, it is annoying for sure, but I think it is intentional. I understand why they did it that way. They should have include an option for the user to select which screen (live stream/events) should show up when the user answer the notification.

Yes, your #2 shouldn’t work that way for sure…

The first bug I listed is a bug, since it says “view event”. So it should show me the event, and not the livestream. It will do this even if the notification is very old

  1. When you get a notification that the doorbell has detected motion, it says “view event”. When you click the push notification though, it takes you to the livestream. Which is incredible annoying.

THIS ^^^^^ This is beyond annoying… Why tell me “view event” and then bring me to the live view… I want to see the event…


The reason they did that because they thought you may want to view what is happening live, they expect you to tap on the notification right after you received it, but that is not always the case.

I just installed my Eufy Video Doorbell. It works fine, kinda. If I turn OFF my phone wifi all camera’s and doorbell video work fine for phone app. Soon as I turn on my phone’s wifi connection to my house I get an error, can’t connect to home base. Home base is connected via cable not wifi. This was never an issue when it was just the cameras. I also noticed wifi signal to doorbell isn’t all that great, seems to fluctuate a lot, buying an extender, see if that helps. Router is in back of house, door pretty far in front.

Since the location of the doorbell is far away from the router, lost connection is reasonable. The problem that you have with the home base is weird. I think it is the app problem.

Installed Extender. WIFI signal is now super strong, all bars, no more connection issues. Still having the same odd app issue. With my phone wifi on I can’t connect to doorbell or cameras. Soon as I turn my phone wifi off, all notifications suddenly pop up and I can connect to them fine. shrug???

Have you tried hard reset your homebase? that may resolve few issues.
If it started to do that only since you have installed the doorbell, you might want to remove the doorbell and re-link to the APP.
As a final resort, delete the app and re-install.

I know it’s kind of frustrating, but there is no straight resolution as far as I know.

Understandable, most of the time, by the time I view the event, whatever the event was/is, is over… so I just see my porch. haha

I know why the notification always arrive late. It was because of my phone app optimization setting. :smiley:
Did you receive any email about review deadline? They email said that I have 1-2 days left :confused:

Main issue i have is that the recording doesn’t start until after the deliveryman has turned around and is walking away. I’d like an extra ~10 seconds added prior to the motion event to get a better idea as to what triggered the alert/clip.


Yeah, I’m going to submit a review today :+1:

I am having that same problem

I am working on mine atm. I hope that I can finish it by tomorrow night.

Agreed, I have ran into this issue.

You only do video right?

Yes, but I am writing the script right now, at work :)). I want to do an in depth review.

Firmware 2.166
App Version 1.3.5_285(US)
Reproducibility : Yes
Frequency: Always

Since the last update my motion detection hardly works even when set on high. I have reset, rebooted, re adjusted the detection zone but still nothing. I went from constant detection false alarms to almost none unless someone rings the bell, you can almost do a full dance in front of it and it doesn’t set off motion detection. Very disappointing.

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