Is the Powerline+ USB-C 3.0 Cable supposed to make a sound when unplugging?

Hello, I’m not sure if this is in the right Topic because I’m new to the website. Basically I have just received my Powerline+ USB-C 3.0 from Amazon and I plugged it into my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10e) and it works perfectly, fast charging and all. Now, when I unplugged my phone, I noticed a popping/sizzling sound for half a second. I checked it for any burns but I didn’t find any whatsoever. There’s also no odour associated with it. I looked it up and found that somebody else has had the same problem but said they think its normal. I’m fine with the noise if this is the case, but I’m just wondering if it really is normal to hear the sound? It also happens when I plug the cable into my phone but its not connected to a plug (phone might be supplying power?). Thanks in advance

Not heard of this earlier, may be drop a note to on this observation for verification.

also if possible. try to capture a video when you get the sound and share it here

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Mine don’t have this issue. Contact @AnkerSupport. I don’t think it should make any type of noise.

I’ll try and record a video of it.

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The sound happens at the end of the USB-C Port. I’ll email them and try and post a video of it

Okay, I uploaded the video, turn it up to hear it.

odd problem, definitely contact support.
I cranked my audio, but didn’t hear anything.

I’ve had no issues with any of my cables so far.

Same here, I have bought anker products in the past like their wireless charger because I always leave my phone on the desktop. I can hear it on the video, you just have to listen closely.

@Tank have you had this?

There was someone previously who had a fizzy sound with an Anker cable n phone… Exact details can’t remember… It might have been this exact set up???

Did you do a search before posting to check if mentioned previously

I did do a search before this. This person had a similar setup to mine: Anyone else hear this crackling/popping noise when unplugging the Powerline+ ii usb 2.0 to C from the phone? I was just wondering if it is normal

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It may be normal with THAT exact set-up‽ Why? I dunno! lol

Do you know why this might be?


I wouldn’t recommend using this until you have the issue resolved fully- it could be dangerous (fire, sparks etc).

Are you using an anker wall charger?

No, I’m using a Samsung Charger (although the one in the video is a power bank)

Oh okay. I was just making sure you Weren’t using a cheap gas station charger or something :wink:

Naaaaa, lol. Using the same wall charger my phone came with (it’s only two months old!)

Ok, so after contacting Anker Support via email last night, I recieved a response this morning.

So, I’m guessing it is normal then?

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Yep, I guess it happens sometimes.

Thanks for posting the response from Anker Support!!

I have this on the following cable - AK-A8482011

It sounds more like a rattle? Almost as if it’s the connectors inside moving when you remove the cable?

i'm pretty sure that's not suspose to happen - Side-Eyes Chloe | Make a Meme