Is it me or is Anker doing more bundles recently?

I am seeing a lot more bundles, powerbanks used to be sold on their own now with a charger. They usually bundled the higher-end PD powerbanks with chargers, I assumed to ensure it works around the charging technology zoo currently, but even more so now.


Bundles of joy you might say! :rofl:
I’ve noticed a few more, as you say especially around charging device’s, specifically PowerWave Pad and Stand.
If you need both devices it can often save you a couple of extra £ too.

I say keep em coming :+1:t2:


I do see a lot of bundles coming from Anker, and these are good, plus lot of deals on them…

The most important benefit from this is, the support issues Anker gets should considerably be reduced, most users complain about the powerbank not charging / blinking lights / long charging times when they try to charge using the Chargers they already own.

Bundling a compatible charger with PowerBank immediately removes these issues!!

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fully agree, bundles solve issues with noobs not checking small print, plus Anker has a spotty history particularly around PD and IQ3 products not working together.

Makes for better gift ideas than crossing fingers someone has got the right cable and charger.

Personally, their bundled chargers don’t match my needs, I usually go with 2-port chargers, to recharge the Powercore and something else like phone, buds.

Well, they do still sell Powercore with a Type A port, bundled with a Powerport with a single Type C port, and then the buyer gleefully recharges their Anker buds off the Powercore using their MicroB cable and the port, then goes to the charger and have the a-ha moment and wonder why Anker still makes MicroB products.

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And the price may be easier to digest since you are getting a couple of items

You are right. Anker and sister brands are doing more bundles recently :rofl:

And I agree, it does help people who may have such issues.:wink:

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This is obviously a net positive. Better value than buying the items separately (in most cases) and guaranteed compatibility/optimization!

I know I have a ton of bricks and adapters, but I usually feel kind of cheated when I buy something and it doesn’t come with necessary accessories for typical use.

Welcome back Tony!! @thetonyclay :laughing:

Hey! Thanks! It’s been awhile I know. Life has a way of stealing away free time sometimes!

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85W and 100W must be coming to be putting in this much effort to push 60W, 45W, 30W out of stock. With their 100W cable, and all the hubs which cause a need for the hub to me 85W-100W, all the signs are it is very soon.

60W for $26+tax…

30W $21

This is a big stock clearance effort on chargers.

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