iOS 13, iPadOS, MacOS Beta download available :) plus New features found!



All iOS fans wanting to test out iOS 13, it is now available for download

Since the public beta software has not yet been commercially released by Apple, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software.

Disclaimer Note that this is an unfinished product, use it on a test device and can possibly brick your phone or may have data loss (whatsoever… this is my best effort disclaimer)


Phew, yours is SLIGHTLY different to my post! lol


i did a thorough search of community before I posted this article.

and you are right :ok_hand: these are separate articles though :slight_smile:


Already downloaded it and have tinkering around for the past hour or so. I’m definitely enjoying dark mode in the native apps, and hopefully a few other app developers add dark mode when they release the final version of iOS 13–going from all things dark to a non-dark mode app is a bit jarring. So far, so good though.


How are you guys liking this beta update?


had the developer for quite some time, the most annoying it the Google Keyboard bug, which does not let you input any characters into the application, need to remove the Google keyboard completely from the setting, and keep the default iOS keyboard. Not sure if this has been passed to the beta image.

Apart from this, the iOS is very fast, speedier, notification look good. Also lot of privacy focused features and the change of volume indicator / change to the silent / ringer mode.


I’m guessing you like the iOS keyboard better. I’m using Google keyboard (Gboard) on my S10+. I like it better than Samsung’s. You should probably report the issue :+1:


I only had iOS 12.4 Public Beta 5 sooooo I deleted my beta profile and opted out. Too much hassle to reenroll…


Its not a “true” dark mode… does not work on websites … such as Anker community, unless you turn on the “Dark” mode on the community page itself…

I would still prefer the Smart Invert to the Dark mode of iOS, hope they get the dark mode enabled for “everything”, and not in bits & pieces


Just need to remove the Beta Profile for 12, reboot the phone, download & install the profile for iOS 13 beta, reboot the phone.

Should not opt-out, if you do… then you need to enrol again on beta page for Apple iOS, and read all the EULA, agree, agree… and then you set again!


Finally, … finally, with iOS 13, we have options on taking full web page screenshot, only on Safari ( Though… hopefully expands to Chrome & other browsers :roll_eyes: )

Was searching Amazon for Anker products this morning, and discovered this feature.

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Some how I missed this thread. Thanks for posting @Shenoy :+1:

Now comes to make my mind… whether to download and use it ? or wait for official release? :thinking:
Your disclaimer worried me … LOL :joy:


I was part of the iOS 12 Beta testing program and do regret my decision. At first my phone was good with the public beta releases BUT then I had an issue with my phone freezing up when using Siri at Public Beta Release 12.4.1. I would ask Siri for something then my phone would freeze up and do nothing, buttons wouldn’t work, I couldn’t hard boot it. It took maybe 3 minutes to boot itself from failure. After the third time I decided enough was enough… So I bounced out of the beta program. I will just wait like everyone else to get iOS 13


@dicejedi that’s what I’m scared of… thanks for your opinion, I will stay out to be safe… couple more months wait and it will be released as final anyway… i’m not in hurry…


To be frank, with iOS 13 now, i see lot of bugs / defects / crashes, but I am not much bothered, the phone is very fast now, so i am good with it plus new features.

Yes, it is always a better option to wait for the stable release, but some adventure is good (sometime though … :wink: )


Agreed! BUT not when you have a nice, new, fresh phone! My iPhone XS Max is only 4 months old so I don’t know why I took that risk… my old iPhone 7 would not have been so bad. I would have stuck with the beta program


I think also, same with android, would need to be very good at using your phone and knowing what’s new, and what to do if something goes wrong.


absolutely, I am playing around with all of this on iPhone 8 and not on X :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: